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The phrase "Netflix and chill" roughly means hooking up, or something like that, but it's also a bit more complicated. Since then, the phrase has become a 21st-century version of "Do you want to come up for some coffee?" It was even recently added to Urban Dictionary with a bit more juicy definition.

So either you're bringing home a total stranger or having a hot date night with your bf, here are some good Netflix movies to accompany your "Netflix and chill" moment.

Gay Test - Am I Gay?
It is safe to say that only a very small minority of people have gone through life without ever questioning their own sexuality in one way or another. Some may say they have'nt, but they are most likely lying. Even the straightest dude has at some point made an extra look at another guy, and even the gayest gal do find some guys attractive. So how do you know if you're gay or not?
Top 5 Gay Love Videos on YouTube
There are no limits nowadays to what you can find on the Internet. No matter what your fantasies are, there is always something easily available to cover your immediate needs. Not that it's anything wrong with that, but it's not what B-Gay is all about. So we'll leave those searches up to you. Instead we're all about gay love, life and travel (in that order) so we want to present to you some of the most popular gay love videos/movies ever made. Enjoy and get inspired!
5 Steps to Scoring the Hottest Guy You Know
We've all been there. Well, at least I have. Many times. I've met an absolutely amazing guy and have given up before even really having tried to hook up with him.   The crazy part is that he may have liked me even more than I liked him. He may have wanted to make pretty little puppies with me, but I never gave him a chance because I lacked the confidence.   So what are you to do? Here are some advice on how you can score your perfect man.
7 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Gay Pride
This year is one of the greatest years ever to celebrate your gay pride. Firstly, generally conservative Ireland legalized gay marriage through a referendum, and then the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have the right to legally marry in every state of the Union. Here are 7 amazing ways to celebrate your gay pride.
How To Be A Better Boyfriend To Your Man
Being a good boyfriend isn't easy, even if you're together with an amazing guy. You need know how to communicate well, and how to be loving and affectionate without being possessive. A good boyfriend knows how to understand his partner and is able to see the world through his eyes. Here are a few pointers to help you on the way.
10 Awesomely Cute Gay Weddings
Now that so many countries recognize same-sex marriage it is time to get inspired by some super cute gay weddings around the world. There is a very real chance that  marriage equality will be a reality in all western countries in a very near future. We hope these stories of gay marriage bliss will be an inspiration to everyone.
7 Signs That He Really Likes You
I'm sure it's hard enough finding a partner in the "straight world" but when you add the limited dating pool we have to deal with the challenge just seems overwhelming. First you have to figure out if the guy you're crushing on is gay or not, then you have to go through all that "normal" guesswork of whether or not he is liking you back. Of course it's really all about the age old question: He likes me, he likes me not. So how do you go about to figure that out?
Kids' Amazing Reaction to Gay Issues
Children grow up to see homosexuality as wrong when their parents and the community around them teach them so by their words and their actions. When children grow up in a warm and inclusive environment, they learn to appreciate love for what it is - pure and simple.
Top Gay Love Memes
Always the trend setters, gays have never been afraid of embracing cool concepts and many of the best memes out there are gay related. A meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is "an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." Here are some of the best memes we have found related to gay love on the Internet.
Infographic: Gay Love Fun Facts & Figures
Did you know that - according to surveys - at least 9 million LGBT people live in the U.S., which is 3.8 % of the adult population? Approximately 1 million children in the U.S. are being raised by same-sex couples, and the state with the most gay couples is California, with approximately 92,138 couples.