John Barrowman gay

John Barrowman and Husband Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

Gay actor John Barrowman is famous for his sci-fi TV roles and says he also enjoys some naughty sci-fi role play with his husband “I have Captain Jack’s coat. I have one of the Doctor’s...
Dan Amboyer gay

Gay Actor Dan Amboyer Makes His Directorial Debut

Sexy and talented gay actor Dan Amboyer moves back to theatre and is making his directorial debut Dan is best known for his roles in Younger and William & Catherine: A Royal Romance, but he’s...
gay artist Elton John has no plan to retire

What You and Your Man Need to Do Before You Retire

There are a lot things you and your partner need to consider before you can retire. Max has some advice on what you can do to prepare. Dear Max,
Anthony Rapp gay

Actor Anthony Rapp Celebrates Anniversary with His Boyfriend

Gay Star Trek star Anthony Rapp just celebrated 3 year anniversary with his boyfriend Ken Ithiphol Anthony celebrated the event by bringing his boyfriend to the premiere of the new season of his CBS SciFi...
Austin Armacost gay

Gay Reality Star Austin Armacost Joins ‘Adults-Only’ Pantomime

Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost joins the cast of Jack and His Giant Beanstalk, an 'adults-only' pantomime Austin is taking over the lead after Geordie Shore star Scotty T pulled out at the last...