Joel Kim Booster Loves His Boyfriend and His New Project

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In the dazzling sphere of queer entertainment, Joel Kim Booster shines bright, juggling humor, heart, and a touch of Hollywood glamour with enviable ease. Recently, the Loot luminary sat down on Spill, Logo’s must-watch chat fest, for a candid conversation that peeled back the layers of his vibrant personal and professional life, sans the usual cocktail-induced confessions. Yes, folks, Booster’s beverage of choice was a decidedly sober “chicken smoothie,” a nod to his health-conscious lifestyle and a far cry from his former fixation with physique.

At the heart of Booster’s world is a love story that’s as real as it gets, with his partner, John-Michael Sudsina (not Kelly, as the Insta-illusion might suggest). Their bond is the stuff of red-carpet romance, sealed with a kiss at the Emmys, no less. Yet, for Booster, it’s not about the grand gestures but the quiet assurance of a shared future, election outcomes notwithstanding.

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Their modern love eschews the conventional rush to the altar, choosing instead to ponder the profound significance of marriage beyond legal formalities. And in true Booster fashion, the relationship thrives on openness, a principle that brings its own set of challenges in the unpredictable arena of love and liaisons.

“My thing is, I don’t care if they do or not [know me,] it doesn’t affect me necessarily, ” Booster says about his flings, but it he doesn’t like when they tell him after. “…then my reaction is always the same where I’m like, ‘I wish you would’ve known that before because I wouldn’t have been such a f*cking freak if I knew that you knew who I was.’”

As for his professional pursuits, Booster is brewing a comedic concoction titled Again Again Again, promising a departure from the typical meet-cute narrative to explore the nuances of an established relationship through the lens of humor. Drawing from the depths of personal experience, the project promises to be a candid exploration of love, quirks, and the occasional wedding debacle.

With the buzz building around Loot’s second season, and Booster’s creative gears turning for his next cinematic venture, the spotlight on this dynamic personality grows ever brighter. As we await his next move, one thing’s for certain: Joel Kim Booster continues to captivate and charm, both on screen and off, with his unique blend of sincerity, humor, and an undeniably infectious spirit.

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