5 Perfect Gay Date “Netflix And Chill” Movies

Here are some great Netflix movies to accompany your hot gay date night

The phrase “Netflix and chill” roughly means hooking up, or something like that, but it’s also a bit more complicated. “Netflix and chill” has become a case of social media-fueled semantic drift gone mad. While its origins date back to 2007, it has only recently become part of mainstream vocabulary, including among those who aren’t young and in college.

Originally, “Netflix and chill” really did mean “chilling out and watching Netflix”. It was pretty much a solo activity. Since then, the phrase has become a 21st-century version of “Do you want to come up for some ‘coffee’?”

So either you’re bringing home a total stranger or having a hot date night with your bf, here are some good Netflix movies to accompany your “Netflix and chill” moment.

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Weekend (2011)

On a Friday night after a drunken house party with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a gay club. Just before closing time he picks up Glen but what’s expected to be just a one-night stand becomes something special. That weekend, the two men get to know each other. It is a brief encounter that will resonate throughout their lives.

Weekend is both an honest and unapologetic love story between two guys and a film about the universal struggle for an authentic life in all its forms. It is about the search for identity and the importance of making a passionate commitment to your life.

Five Dances (2013)

Five Dances is a beautifully shot portrait feature film set in the New York’s ‘downtown’ modern dance world. The story follows the rocky emotional journey of an 18-year old ambitious dancer, who moves to New York from Kansas, and then must choose between his responsibility to his broken family and forging a life and career for himself.

The movie is a visual treat with beautiful boys and fabulous dancing just as gorgeous.

Presque rien (Come Undone, 2000)

18 yo Mathieu is vacationing at the beach with his family when he meets local teen Cédric. After a steamy and erotic kiss, the boys begin a passionate romance, including nightly skinny-dipping, nude dancing on the beach and intense lovemaking in the dunes. While Mathieu grapples with his sexuality and copes with his sick mother, absent father and annoying kid sister his bond with Cédric grows stronger until it bursts.

Handsome Devil (2017)

While studying at an intolerant boarding school in Ireland, two unlikely friends grow closer and closer, despite the animosity of their peers and the school’s faculty.

Handsome Devil is populated by standard archetypes such as the geeky outsider, the secretly gay jock, the inspirational teacher, and the bastard sports coach. Still, the film has charming performances, an optimistic tone and its heart in the right place.

Notre Paradis (Our Paradise, 2011)

Vassili is an aging thief and hustler who has a hard time accepting he is growing too old for his profession. He strangles one of his clients after the client comments on his age. The same night Vassili finds and rescues an unconscious young drifter in the Bois de Boulogne (a cruising park in Paris) and the two become lovers.

They become accomplices in crime and rob their clients one by one as Vassili’s violent past comes back to haunt him. Fear of retaliation forces the couple to escape from Paris and the runaway begins.