Andrew Scott: Get Rid of the Term “Openly Gay”

Paul Mescal and Anderew Scott in All of us strangers
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Andrew Scott, an Irish gem born on October 21, 1976, has dazzled us with his acting prowess in roles like the cunning James Moriarty in “Sherlock” and the charming priest in “Fleabag.” Known for his honesty about his sexuality since coming out in 2013, Scott has recently advocated for ditching the term “openly gay” from media parlance. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, he expressed his discomfort with the phrase, noting its absence in casual conversations and questioning its necessity. Scott’s stance reflects his belief in the normality of being gay, without the need for labels or emphasis​​​​.

In his journey, Scott’s roots in Dublin, where he grew up in a Catholic family and discovered his love for acting, played a crucial role. His early start in acting, at Ann Kavanagh’s Young People’s Theatre, paved the way for a successful career. His talent for drawing, evident in his sketches of London tube passengers, highlights his artistic side​​. Scott’s path to fame was marked by significant roles, from his scholarship at art school to his first film role in “Korea,” and later notable performances in “Saving Private Ryan” and on London stages​​.

Scott’s rise to international fame was bolstered by his role in “Sherlock.” Post-Sherlock, he consciously avoided typecasting in villain roles, demonstrating his desire for diversity in his characters. His portrayal of the “hot priest” in “Fleabag” not only won hearts but also stirred conversations, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences in varied roles​​.

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Off the screen, Scott has had a long-term relationship with actor and writer Stephen Beresford, reflecting his belief in privacy and the importance of personal space. His relationship journey is as nuanced as his career, with reports of them rekindling their relationship in 2022​​.

Scott’s recent performance in “All of Us Strangers” has generated Oscar buzz, underlining his selection of meaningful projects over commercial success. His role as Adam, a gay screenwriter, in this film could be seen as a reflection of his own advocacy for normalizing gay roles without the need for labels​​.

In conclusion, Andrew Scott’s life and career present a tapestry of profound talent, candid openness about his sexuality, and a thoughtful perspective on how gay actors are perceived in the media. His advocacy for removing the term “openly gay” echoes his belief in a world where one’s sexuality is a simple fact, not a defining characteristic or a subject of constant media speculation.


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