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    Chef Stuart O’Keeffe Claims Antoni Porowski Replaced Him on ‘Queer Eye’

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    Dishing out more than just fabulous recipes, chef Stuart O’Keeffe recently lit up the gossip circuits with a scalding hot tea about almost snagging a spot in Netflix’s beloved Queer Eye reboot. Instead, the culinary spotlight shifted to Antoni Porowski, leaving our Irish charmer on the sidelines. Stuart shared this juicy tidbit on his podcast, “Don’t Let It Stu,” painting a picture of excitement turned sour when he was edged out for the “food guy” role after a casting shuffle.

    “Back when they were casting, I went for the show way back when, and I actually got chosen. Like, I was one of the [Fab] Five and actually got chosen,” he said on his “Don’t Let It Stu” podcast. “I was in one group of five and Antoni Porowski was in the other. So, like, A and B. They came in and [said], ‘You’re the Fab Five.’ I was like, ‘Holy s—t,’ and I was like — we all went outside the room, like, screaming, jumping up and down — I was like, ‘Hey, let’s get a photo [because] this is such a great moment for us all.’”

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    But wait, there’s more to Stuart’s story than a missed TV gig! The chef’s love life has been simmering with its own drama, notably his rollercoaster romance with “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis. Their affair, characterized by passionate highs and dramatic lows, came to a head last year, revealing the complexities of love under the Hollywood spotlight. From forbidden exes to public spats on Jeff’s radio show, these two have had their fair share of the limelight, for better or worse .

    While Stuart might not have made the cut for Queer Eye, his journey continues to captivate with its blend of professional pursuits and personal entanglements. Through podcasts, cookbooks, and candid admissions, O’Keeffe remains a figure of fascination, stirring the pot both in and out of the kitchen.

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