Gay Football Star Josh Cavallo Stands Up Against Homophobia

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Australian football star, Josh Cavallo, who stunned the sports world by publicly stating that he was gay in October 2021, has been fearlessly asserting himself and persistently advocating for the rights of his fellow LGBTQ+ community ever since. Despite the gruelling backlash, death threats, and abuse, Cavallo hasn’t allowed any of these experiences to inhibit his resolve.

While many celebrated this milestone, which set a precedent for players like Jake Daniels, Zander Murray, and Jakub Jankto to also come out, the path has seemingly not been smoothed enough. FIFA has notably been somewhat indifferent to these issues, having inexplicably decided to host a World Cup in Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality risks the death penalty.

“I honestly wouldn’t feel safe,” he tells The Mirror of the Saudi World Cup, in a damning indictment of FIFA.

“It’s so sad to say that but even in my football career, there’s certain countries I will not go to and play my club football or play with the national team in.

“At the end of the day, it comes to a point where it’s your livelihood over your job which for me is incredibly sad because this is what I do, I wake up and I breathe football, this is what I’m made for.

“To know that I’m limited and stuck in certain countries because they don’t approve of how I love or how I live my life is quite saddening. I wouldn’t want to be entering a space like that at the moment. There’s a lot of improvement that needs to happen before I consider that.”

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While Cavallo’s professional life is a saga of courage and inspiration after recently suffering an injury, his love life is equally enchanting. The athlete chose the very heart of his home stadium, surrounded by the grass where his professional dreams play out, to propose to his boyfriend.

This heartwarming event was not just a personal milestone for Cavallo but also a significant moment for the LGBTQ+ community within sports. Renowned for his courage, Cavallo’s struggle has not been in vain. His boldness continues to mark significant strides towards breaking down walls in the sporting world.

The journey has been anything but easy, but the accomplished footballer chooses to turn the challenges into powerful advocacy. Cavallo continues to spark change in his field, creating a space for himself while encouraging others to do the same within the challenging environment of professional sports. Never one to compromise his identity for comfort, Cavallo has proven time and again to be a true champion, on and off the pitch.

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