‘Supernatural’ Gay Love: DJ Qualls & Ty Olsson Engaged

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A Supernatural love story is making headlines, and it’s happening off-screen! DJ Qualls & Ty Olsson, beloved for their roles as Garth the werewolf and Benny the vampire respectively, have announced their engagement. The news has sent waves of excitement through the LGBTQ+ community and fans of the long-running CW series.

DJ Qualls revealed the heartwarming journey on his Locked and Probably Loaded podcast. He reminisced about their serendipitous meeting at a Supernatural fan convention, a trip that led to an unexpected and beautiful romance. “We didn’t know each other at all. We maybe said three words together at the convention, and then we went to London for four or five days afterward,” Qualls shared. The spontaneity of their connection was clear when Olsson bravely asked to join Qualls and his friend on a trip to Turkey. “That is so ballsy! I could never invite myself on somebody’s trip… But it was just so pure and awesome, and that’s who he is.”

What started as a spontaneous adventure blossomed into a deep and enduring friendship. Over the past decade, this bond evolved into a loving relationship. “Ty and I became inseparable at the very beginning — just immediately — and over the last 10 years, our relationship evolved to what it is today, and now we’re getting married,” Qualls continued. “It’s just so crazy that this person who was just my friend now I think about all the time and he sends the best messages, and he supports me and loves me unconditionally in the right way.”

The authenticity and warmth in Qualls’ words reflect a love built on mutual respect and genuine affection. He emphasized the importance of unconditional love, highlighting that it thrives on mutual respect and shared best interests. “Unconditional love has a condition in it in the fact that you treat that person with respect and their best interests are your best interests. And now we are going to be old men together, which is crazy. He’s the best!” he added.

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Ty Olsson also expressed his gratitude to fans on X (formerly Twitter), writing, “Thank you everyone for all the love and support and kindness today. Sending you all some love and hugs.”

The engagement of Qualls and Olsson is a joyous occasion, celebrating their journey from co-stars to life partners. Their love story is a reminder of the unexpected ways in which life can bring people together and the beautiful possibilities that can emerge from simple, genuine connections.

Congratulations to DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson on their engagement! May their future together be filled with love, happiness, and countless more adventures.

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