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    White Collar Reboot in the Works with Out & Proud Matt Bomer

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    It’s official! The hit FBI procedural drama White Collar is making a grand comeback with its original creator, Jeff Eastin, at the helm. Joining him are series regulars Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, and the ever-charming Matt Bomer. Fans of the show are in for a treat as the revival promises to answer lingering questions from the original series while introducing the captivating storyline to new viewers.

    During Variety’s TV Fest, Eastin excitedly shared the news, stating, “We’re gonna reboot. I’m writing the script.” This announcement was met with enthusiastic approval from the panel, which included Bomer, DeKay, and Thiessen. Bomer, who has won hearts as the suave con artist Neal Caffrey, promptly confirmed his participation with a gleeful “I’m in!”

    Matt Bomer in the original White Collar

    DeKay, who portrayed FBI Special Agent Peter Burke, praised the new script, highlighting its dual appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers. “It’s a fantastic script and it answers all the questions that one would have if you watch the show,” DeKay said. “And it would introduce the show to those who haven’t seen it as well. Both edges of the sword are honed.”

    The reboot also promises to honor the memory of Willie Garson, who played the lovable Mozzie and passed away in 2021. Thiessen reflected on the emotional impact of the new script, saying, “I literally was so excited, but at the same time had tears in my eyes, for good reason. You captured the suspense, the thrill, the characters, and the love in that reboot.”

    Eastin attributed the renewed interest in White Collar to the recent streaming boom, particularly crediting the success of procedurals like Suits. “As the years passed, it seemed more like a distant hope,” Eastin admitted. “But say thank you to Suits for starting this streaming trend. They were doing great, and got people watching White Collar now on Netflix. That’s doing really, really good. Off of that, it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s do another one.’”

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    The revival, while a cause for celebration among fans, also shines a light on the enduring charisma and talent of Matt Bomer, an openly gay actor who has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Bomer’s involvement not only brings star power to the reboot but also emphasizes the importance of representation in media. His presence on the show continues to inspire many within the LGBTQ+ community, proving that talent and authenticity go hand in hand.

    In addition to his acting career, Bomer is an active supporter of campaigns to end LGBTQ+ discrimination. His advocacy work underscores the broader significance of his role in White Collar, both on and off the screen. As the series gears up for its revival, Bomer’s involvement serves as a reminder of the progress made in the entertainment industry regarding LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance.

    Matt Bomer with hubby Simon Hills. Instagram: @mattbomer

    While there’s no official word yet on where the new series will air or stream, Variety speculates that it will likely find a home on Hulu, given Disney’s majority ownership of the platform and its rights to the White Collar franchise.

    With friend and fellow out actor Jonathan Bailey. Instagram: @mattbomer

    With a thrilling script in the works and the original cast back on board, the White Collar reboot promises to deliver the same charm, suspense, and clever storytelling that made the original series a fan favorite. And with Matt Bomer leading the charge, this revival is set to be a celebration of both entertainment and progress in the fight against LGBTQ+ discrimination.

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