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    ‘9-1-1’ Guzman on Buck & Eddie Romance: ‘It’s Baby Steps’

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    “9-1-1” star Ryan Guzman has sparked excitement and a flurry of speculation with his latest remarks about the possible romantic evolution between his character Eddie Diaz and fellow firefighter Buck, played by Oliver Stark. In an enlightening interview with TV Insider, Guzman delved into the nuanced journey of the two characters, especially in light of Buck’s recent coming out as bisexual in the show’s groundbreaking 100th episode.

    Throughout its seventh season, “9-1-1” has not shied away from enriching its narrative with inclusive LGBTQIA+ storylines, making it a must-watch for fans eager for representation. The memorable episode saw Buck share a tender same-sex kiss with Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), marking a pivotal moment in his personal storyline and delighting fans with his bold self-expression.

    The chemistry between Buck and Eddie has long been a topic of fascination among the show’s viewers, who have lovingly dubbed the duo “Buddie.” Their dynamic has led many to root for a deeper connection, pondering if Eddie might also embrace a journey of sexual identity discovery. Guzman’s recent commentary hints at potential developments, albeit with a cautious note on pacing and authenticity. “We just to the point where Buck is having this own personal growth of himself, so it’s like baby steps towards anything and if anything,” Guzman explained, emphasizing the need for a realistic exploration of such a profound storyline.

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    The actor also reflected on the broader impact of their storyline, praising the show’s effort to challenge outdated stereotypes about strength and sexuality. “I think there’s still an air out there in the world that your sexuality determines if you’re weak or not, or determines if you’re capable or not, of being just a good human being, which is such a crazy thing to think about,” he shared, celebrating the progressive message “9-1-1” broadcasts.

    The potential for a Buck and Eddie romance not only tantalizes fans but also serves as a powerful narrative against anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiments, illustrating the importance of visibility and acceptance. As anticipation builds, the actors behind these beloved characters, including Stark who has voiced support for this evolution, find themselves at the heart of a conversation that transcends mere entertainment, touching on crucial societal themes.

    As “9-1-1” continues to unfold, all eyes will be on how these beloved characters navigate their paths. Whether or not romance blooms for Buck and Eddie, their journey remains a beacon of hope and affirmation for many, highlighting the show’s commitment to diversity and reflective storytelling. Stay tuned, because in the world of “9-1-1,” anything is possible, and every moment of bravery and love brings us closer to a more inclusive world.

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