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    Oliver Stark on Possible ‘9-1-1’ Romance Between Buck & Eddie

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    Renowned British actor Oliver Stark, most known for his role as Evan “Buck” Buckley in the hit drama series, ‘9-1-1’, recently made headlines with his take on homophobic fans. Stark, a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, has always been vocal about his support for diversity and representation on screen, recently stoked the fan-favorite theory of a budding romance between his character, Buck, and Eddie Diaz, portrayed by Ryan Guzman.

    In a recent interview with Gay Times, Stark commented about homophobic fans stating, “I do believe, or at least hope, they seem to be dying out.” This seemed to hint towards the latent chemistry between Buck and Eddie that fans have affectionately referred to as ‘Buddie’. The speculation about an on-screen romance had been brewing among fans and LGBT communities alike, eagerly awaiting a potential gay storyline.

    “It was brought to me a couple years ago as a possibility and I had said yes, and then it was shut down from somewhere else above,” Stark says about the potential ‘Buddie’ storyline.

    “So, I had known that this was a possible storyline that we might, one day, be able to lean back into. Honestly, at the beginning of this season… I see what everybody else sees. Like, I watch the same show. I don’t think that the Buddie fans are wrong.”

    Despite receiving both acclaim and backlash for these rumors, Stark remains hopeful. His optimism reflects the evolving audience attitudes towards LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream media.

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    Off-screen, the actor is happily committed to his fiancée, Hannah Gottesman. Yet, he finds an empathetic connection with the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, rooting for more screen representation. Despite not being part of the community himself, Stark is determined to play his part in promoting inclusivity and diversity.

    Born and raised in London, Stark’s journey to Hollywood was paved with hard work and determination. Starting his career with small roles in independent films, he’d come a long way to play ‘Buck’ in ‘9-1-1’. The show, lauded for its blend of drama and realism, showcases Stark’s talent and his character’s layered, complex nature. Admirably, he uses this platform to promote diversity and inclusion.

    The future of ‘Buddie’ remains uncertain. Still, Stark’s hope for tolerance and acceptance is unwavering. Perhaps the fresh twist to Buck and Eddie’s relationship, should it come to fruition, could herald a more inclusive era in the television landscape.

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