Jonathan Bailey Joins Cast of Fan Favorite ‘Heartstopper’

Jonathan Bailey in Heartstopper
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In the ever-expanding universe of LGBTQ+ screen stories, ‘Heartstopper’ is a standout show that fans can’t get enough of. The inclusive love story, which explores the blossoming relationship between two schoolboys, has captured hearts nationwide. And guess who’s joining the cast for ‘Heartstopper’ Season 3? None other than the charming Jonathan Bailey!

Bailey, who got his acting break in the BBC series ‘Doctors’ in 2009, has previously won acclaim in ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘W1A.’ More recently, he was lauded for his masterful portrayal of Anthony Bridgerton in the popular Netflix series, ‘Bridgerton,’ and in ‘’Fellow Travelers’.

The openly gay actor has always been forthcoming with his sexuality, refusing to change who he is for the sake of his career. In fact, in an interview with Attitude Magazine in 2021, the actor expressed the importance of LGBTQ+ representation and visibility in media.

Remarkably private about his personal love life, Jonathan Bailey has preferred to keep his romantic escapades out of the spotlight. Whether he’s warming hearts on screen or simply living his authentic life, his captivating charm and talent are undeniable.

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Enthusiasm for ‘Heartstopper’ Season 3 has skyrocketed with this news, coupled with confirmation that Haley Atwell and Eddie Marsan are also joining the cast, Variety reports. Bailey’s addition to the ‘Heartstopper’ family is a reaffirmation of the show’s commitment to delivering authentic and relatable LGBTQ+ stories—a fact that fans are wildly excited about.

In ‘Heartstopper,’ Jonathan Bailey seems set to deliver another unforgettable performance that will not only entertain viewers but also continue to champion diverse love stories on screen. Bailey will make a cameo appearance as Jack Maddox, an Instagram-famous classicist and celebrity crush of Charlie.

“It was an absolute joy to see Hayley, Eddie, and Jonathan’s talent alongside our existing cast, and I can’t wait for the Heartstopper fans to meet these new characters,” said series creator and writer Alice Oseman. 

We can’t wait to see this exciting new chapter unfold++. Catch up with the first two seasons of ‘Heartstopper’ before Season 3 hits your screens to maximize your viewing experience!

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