David Archuleta’s New Music Video About Gay Journey

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Lately, it feels like David Archuleta is on a roll, and he shows no sign of hitting a speed bump. Known for his angelic voice and boyish charm, Archuleta continues to engage his fans with his unique take on life experiences through his music.

Recently, Archuleta has taken huge steps, debuting his latest single, “Hell Together,” now with a sentimental music video featuring unseen vintage baby footage. Today, his talent continues to grow, as does his fanbase, and his impact in the LGBTQ+ community is apparent.

The music video sees the 33-year-old musician playing piano and singing inside a church, while Olivia Cava interprets the song’s emotional lyrics through dance.

“The video is a simple concept to portray the emotions of leaving a place you once felt as your purpose and identity but now no longer do,” Archuleta tells PEOPLE.

“You know you’re supposed to leave but also feel hesitant and scared to leave a place that was what you knew and was your world,” he added.  

In 2021, David courageously came out to the public, highlighting his experiences growing up as a gay man within a deeply religious family. His strength and vulnerability not only resonated with LGBTQ+ fans but also inspired many others who might be going through similar experiences.

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Taking a closer look at his love life, Archuleta has always been notoriously private. However, it doesn’t stop fans from speculating about his romantic relationships. Interestingly, his recent songs have somewhat given us a sneak peek into his love and feelings.

“Hell Together” touches upon raw emotions, complex relationships, and the struggle of keeping it all together. It seems like it’s paving the way for Archuleta opening up to his fans about love, underlining that things aren’t always as rosy as they seem.

In conclusion, David Archuleta’s captivating career and recent revelation on his sexuality, and the release of “Hell Together,” affirms his position as a significant voice in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s amazing how he takes real-life struggles and transforms them into heart-touching melodies that resonate with so many.

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