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    Buck’s Bisexual Story Gives Ratings Boost to ‘9-1-1’

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    In an unprecedented move, the hit drama ‘9-1-1’, following its engaging firefighting and police team, has reeled in a massive wave of viewers this season, touting an incredible 8.85 million across platforms just after its move to ABC for its seventh season, reports The Wrap. This spike in ratings could be attributed to an unexpected but welcomed surge of LGBTQ+ viewers, captivated by a particular character – Buck, who recently came out as bisexual.

    Buck, portrayed by heartthrob Oliver Stark, made a bold and emotional revelation during the season, fostering a stronger connection with his LGBTQ+ fans. Stark’s profound portrayal of Buck navigating through the spectrum of his sexuality has set the internet ablaze with praise, symbolizing a positive step in diversifying representation in the television arena.

    Coming hot off the heels of Buck’s revelation is his brewing romance with Tommy. The fandom is eagerly waiting to see if the writers will engage Buck deeper in this romance – a fresh, yet all too rarely seen, narrative on mainstream TV. Capturing the complexities of relationships within the LGBTQ+ community is a sweet blend of realism and relatability that has added a dash of charm to the series.

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    Oliver Stark, himself an LGBTQ+ ally, has expressed gratitude for the support received from fans, acknowledging the role as a turning point in his career. In previous interviews, Stark has mentioned striving to portray Buck’s story responsibly, understanding the importance of inclusivity and authenticity for the LGBTQ+ community.

    Buck’s journey on ‘9-1-1′ has not just been about rescuing lives from raging fires but also about carving a path for greater inclusivity and visibility in network television. Stark’s performance, coupled with the writers’ sensitivity, has transformed ‘9-1-1’ into a front-runner for groundbreaking LGBTQ+ narratives. The continued support from the show’s fans, especially its blossoming LGBTQ+ demographic, confirms the importance, and appeal, of raw and honest storytelling. Onward and upward, ‘9-1-1’!

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