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    Andrew Scott Whispers Sweet Nothings in New Erotic Series

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    Oh, honeys! Gather ‘round because I’ve got some steamy news to dish out that’s as tantalizing as a forbidden romance novel. The ever-charming and devilishly talented Andrew Scott, known for melting hearts in Fleabag and thrilling us in Ripley, is about to turn up the heat in the audio world. Yes, you heard that right! Our favorite dashing Irishman will star in the new erotic audio series The Queen’s Guard, brought to us by Quinn, the masters of audio erotica.

    In The Queen’s Guard, Andrew Scott will voice Robb the Protector, a character that sounds as alluring as a sultry whisper in a dark, moonlit room, Gay Times reports. The teaser alone has Scott’s velvet voice seducing our ears with lines like, “Look at you. Look at how beautifully your body bears the marks of everything you’ve been through. I could worship every one of them.” Now tell me, darlings, who wouldn’t want that whispered to them over a candlelit dinner—or better yet, through their headphones?

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    Scott also teases us with promises of fantasy and historical fiction blended deliciously together, saying, “I know a lot of you out there love a bit of fantasy and historical fiction. And I really think you’re gonna fall in love with this story.” Scheduled to hit the app on May 16, The Queen’s Guard aims to envelop us in a world where sensuality meets storytelling in the most intimate way possible.

    Our beloved Andrew isn’t the only star to grace Quinn’s platform; names like Thomas Doherty, Jesse Williams, and Victoria Pedretti have also lent their voices, turning Quinn into a hotbed of celebrity narrated fantasies. It seems like the perfect next step for Scott, who has not only captured our attention in thrillers and dramas but also earned accolades for his role in the LGBTQIA+ fantasy romance All of Us Strangers.

    Later this year, we’ll also see Scott in Back in Action alongside stars like Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx. But for now, we can all look forward to getting our fix of his enchanting voice, wrapping us up in tales of desire and protection. So, mark your calendars, sweeties, and prepare your hearts (and ears) for a journey into the erotic and the extraordinary with Andrew Scott as your guide. The excitement is just too delicious to resist!

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