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    Chris Appleton Finds Hunky Man to Love Post-Divorce

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    Chris Appleton, the 40-year-old celeb hairstylist and Kim Kardashian’s close pal, has recently sparked buzz in the gay community with his latest romantic development. After his split from ex-husband Lukas Gage, Appleton has been seen cozying up with the dashing Federico Debernardi, an Argentinian art dealer with a penchant for privacy and an impressive Harvard background.

    This new duo made their debut at a glitzy party at Chateau Marmont, followed by a sun-kissed beach date in Santa Monica, hinting at a blossoming romance, US reports. Despite the relationship being in its early stages, Appleton appears to be over the moon with this new chapter in his life. Opting for a partner away from the Hollywood glitz has been a refreshing change for Appleton, who seems to have seamlessly integrated Debernardi into his circle of friends.

    Federico Debernardi

    On the flip side, Gage has been navigating single life with grace, focusing on personal growth and embracing change, although he’s not diving back into the dating pool just yet.

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    Appleton and Gage’s journey, from a whirlwind engagement and a star-studded wedding officiated by Kim Kardashian to an abrupt end due to “irreconcilable differences,” has been a rollercoaster of emotions and public intrigue .

    As Appleton embarks on this new love story, it’s a reminder of the twists and turns in the path of love, especially in the limelight. Here’s to new beginnings and the beautiful unpredictability of finding love again!

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