Connor Jessup: From Screen Star to LGBTQ+ Champion

Sebastian Croft and Connor Jessup

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In a world eager for authentic representation, Connor Jessup’s journey from the screen to LGBTQ+ advocacy is a story of inspiration and hope. Known for his captivating performances in “Locke & Key” and “American Crime”, Jessup has rapidly evolved into a prominent voice for queer rights and representation.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Visibility

Connor Jessup’s career in the entertainment industry began with his acting debut as a teenager. He quickly garnered attention for his nuanced portrayals in various film and television roles. However, it was his personal journey and coming out in 2019 that marked a significant turning point, not only in his life but also in his career trajectory. Embracing his identity publicly, Jessup has become an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community, using his platform to advocate for visibility and acceptance.

Queer Was Always Here: A Legacy in the Making

Jessup’s latest venture, “Queer Was Always Here,” co-created with Sebastian Croft, is a vibrant celebration of queer art, history, and joy. This initiative goes beyond mere advocacy, focusing on providing tangible support to LGBTQIA+ refugees and displaced individuals. The project draws inspiration from a charming story about two gay dinosaurs, envisioned by Croft during his childhood, symbolizing love and acceptance before the advent of homophobia.

These fictional dinosaurs, Dylan and Derek, have become more than just characters; they are symbols of a world where queerness is celebrated and cherished. Their story has touched hearts globally, illustrating the power of imagination in fostering inclusivity.

A Beacon of Hope in the Entertainment Industry

Both Jessup and Croft, as out and proud actors, represent a positive change in an industry that has long struggled with representation. Their openness and commitment to their identities pave the way for future queer artists, creating a more inclusive and diverse space in the arts.

“Both of us are actors,” Jessup says in an interview with CBC. “We’re both in the arts. We have a lot of friends in that world. We have a lot of queer friends in that world. And we were trying to think of something that we could build on that warm, inclusive, joyful space. So that’s where sort of the organization of Queer Was Always Here started: with two gay dinosaurs.”

Through “Queer Was Always Here,” Jessup and Croft offer more than just advocacy; they provide a haven for those seeking understanding and connection. Their work is a testament to the enduring presence and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community.

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A Brighter Future for Queer Representation

Connor Jessup’s transformation from an actor to a champion of LGBTQ+ rights embodies the spirit of progress and hope. His story is a powerful reminder that visibility matters and that one individual’s journey can spark a larger movement towards acceptance and equality.

In a world where challenges abound for the LGBTQ+ community, Jessup stands as a beacon of hope and joy, championing a cause that resonates with and inspires many.

Jessup has dated 13 Reasons Why star Miles Heizer and posted this picture on Instagram with the cute caption: “I’m late but I love you, you’re good, you make me better, happy v+1 day”.

The post has received more than 100K likes and over 3000 comments.

Jessup came out as gay in an emotional Instagram post in June 2019, telling the world “I’m grateful to be gay.”

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  1. your comments resonate so strongly with me – why is gay an issue – I came out this year and I am in my fifties – just think of the lost years living in denial. but time to move on and I have been blessed with a very caring boy friend now. Maybe i grew up in a different era and guys have more freedom these days – I do hope so. We need to greet gayness as equally as hetero. Being gay IS natural to us. Maybe we are more of a hybrid as we hopefully envelop the good male and female characteristics – loving the softer side of life. Loving another human being where we both need to be loved. Gay sex within true gay love is just so beautiful.