Dan Amboyer Celebrates 16 Years with Hubby Eric

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Dan Amboyer, the charming actor known for his role in “Younger,” has been lighting up our screens and now, he’s lighting up his personal life with sparks of love and adventure. Celebrating 16 years with his husband, Eric P. Berger, Dan shared a heartwarming collage on Instagram, filled with romantic snapshots from their life together. From their beautiful wedding to exhilarating outdoor escapades like river rafting and jungle temple visits, it’s a testament to their enduring bond and shared love for adventure.

This special post wasn’t just a walk down memory lane but also came with a sprinkle of humor typical of Dan, questioning the conversion rate of their years together into ‘gay years’. It’s this blend of love, laughter, and light-heartedness that makes Dan and Eric’s journey together so inspiring.

On the career front, Dan has been busy with his artistic endeavors, recently stepping into the off-Broadway scene with his role in the dark comedy “Lone Star”. His commitment to his craft is evident, adding depth to his multifaceted life.

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In addition to their shared adventures and Dan’s career milestones, the couple recently welcomed their second daughter, Phoebe, into their family, joining their first child, Teddy. Dan’s announcement on social media was filled with joy, introducing Phoebe as a delightful surprise who arrived a bit earlier than expected. The pride in their growing family is palpable, with Dan expressing how proud they are of their ‘little family’.

Dan’s journey of self-discovery and openness about his sexuality has been influential in shaping perceptions and encouraging a more inclusive environment. Coming out in 2017 and marrying Eric, his partner of over a decade, Dan has been a beacon of authenticity and love in the LGBTQ+ community.

Together, Dan and Eric’s journey encapsulates love, laughter, and the pursuit of happiness. Their story is a beautiful reminder of the joy in sharing life’s adventures with the one you love, making every moment, every laugh, and every challenge, utterly worthwhile.

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