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    David Archuleta Says He’s NOT a ‘Full-Time Bottom’

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    A TikTok Q&A session between David Archuleta and some of his fans went amusingly out of hand when the American Idol heartthrob misunderstood a comment from a fan.

    Out.com picked up on the series of comments, and subsequent TikTok videos, of Archuleta trying to explain himself.

    A commenter started the hilarity by writing, “I was gonna say, being a full-time bottom isn’t so.”

    “I’m sure that you are absolutely right,” the singer responds to the comment in a video. “For other people out there, I’m sure that they would definitely agree with that…”

    “…couldn’t relate,” Archuleta adds, which should mean that he’s not a “full-time bottom” and therefore can’t relate.


    Replying to @Jay put this in drafts last night but since it looks like theres no going back from this point i mean 🤷🏻‍♂️

    ♬ original sound – David Archuleta

    Weirdly enough (😂) people’s imaginations went wild and Archuleta felt the need to respond in a follow up video.

    “Was this not a short person trend?” the singer asked. “I’m, like, thinking back on the video now and realizing, ‘Oh.’ I’m 5’5”, but it isn’t about that, is it? And… oh, my. I’m, like, realizing that. Oh my gosh. Wow. When I just… Oh, okay.”


    Replying to @Jayden wtf did i just get myself into yall thinking about me 😭😂😭

    ♬ original sound – David Archuleta

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    The singer came back on yet again to defend himself against people claiming he had set the whole thing up.

    “I did not know! I was comfy in bed, ready to go to sleep. Look, I’m like dressed now. I’m spiraling, freaking out about this conversation. I’ve opened up to everyone to discuss about me. I grew up hardcore Mormon… not just average Mormon, hardcore! ‘Let virtue garnish thy thoughts, unceasingly pure.’ Clean thoughts was the way to be, the way to go, and that’s all I knew. Like, that’s what I was raised and conditioned to be. And it’s gonna take me a while to catch up with y’all with! I’m getting there. Eventually. Slowly but surely.”

    “I didn’t leave my religion too long ago, compared to growing up with it for most of my life. But I generally just thought that it was like a short person joke because I’ve done TikToks about how tall I am before. But, you know, I love my height… and the rest of me, too.”

    Oh, David, we love you! Top, bottom, or anything in between!❤️

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