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    Frenchie Finds Love with Colin in ‘The Boys’ Season 4

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    Spoiler alert! The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 have landed on Prime Video, and as always, they come packed with the series’ signature blend of blood, gore, and anti-hero antics. Yet, amidst the chaos, fans are buzzing about a new romantic development that’s adding a fresh layer to the beloved character Frenchie, played by Tomer Capone. This season confirms what many had speculated: Frenchie is bisexual and now in a relationship with a man, introducing Colin Hauser (Elliot Knight) as his new love interest.

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    For those who need a quick refresher, Frenchie’s journey through The Boys has been anything but conventional. Previously, he shared a deep, non-romantic bond with Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), a connection that fans admired for its emotional depth. Despite sharing a kiss, both Frenchie and Kimiko agreed that their relationship transcended romance, seeing each other as family. Frenchie’s past also hinted at his fluid sexuality—he’s kissed Hughie (Jack Quaid) and expressed his desire to kiss trans dancers at MM’s (Laz Alonso) stag party, not to mention a hinted past throuple with Cherie (Jordana Lajoie) and Jay (Michael Ayres).

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    Season 4, however, brings Frenchie’s bisexuality to the forefront with the introduction of Colin Hauser. Colin, a new character who works at the Starlight House, has sparked a budding romance with Frenchie. Their relationship, initially a point of internal conflict for Frenchie, receives a heartwarming endorsement from Kimiko, who expresses her support, wishing for Frenchie’s happiness above all.

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    This development has garnered significant attention, not just from fans but also from media outlets and social media platforms. The Boys creator, Eric Kripke, has already had to address claims of the show being “woke,” emphasizing the importance of authentic representation in the series. The show, known for its unflinching commentary on societal issues, continues to push boundaries and challenge norms, much to the delight of its diverse audience.

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    Frenchie’s evolving love life and the introduction of Colin Hauser are significant strides in LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream media. This storyline not only enriches Frenchie’s character but also resonates with viewers who see their experiences reflected on screen. As The Boys continues to break ground in its fourth season, fans eagerly await how this relationship will develop amidst the show’s trademark chaos.

    So, if you haven’t started watching the new season yet, now’s the time to catch up. Frenchie’s journey of self-discovery and love is just one of the many reasons The Boys remains a must-watch. Here’s to more surprises, more representation, and more heartfelt moments in the episodes to come.

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