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    Comedian Marlon Wayans Slams LGBTQ+ Hating Fans

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    Marlon Wayans has always been an outspoken advocate for love, acceptance, and inclusivity. His recent Pride Month post, however, has stirred quite the reaction online, revealing both the supportive and, unfortunately, the hateful sides of social media. The former In Living Color star took to Instagram to share his support for the LGBTQ+ community, a sentiment that comes from a deeply personal place given that his son is transgender.

    Instagram: @MarlonWayans

    On Friday, Wayans posted a series of photos from a Pride-themed photoshoot he did with renowned photographer Parrish Lewis. Draped in a rainbow flag, he captioned the first image, “Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples. Did a photo shoot with the great photographer @parrish_lewis dope pic.” He added, “P.S. I’m STRAIGHT… well, according to my child CISGENDER male. I just love and support my peoples.” He also gave a shout-out to his comedy special Good Grief on Prime Video.

    This heartfelt gesture was met with a torrent of hateful comments. Many detractors used religious arguments to criticize Wayans, but he was not deterred. Instead, he doubled down on his stance, sharing more photos and responding to the negativity with a mix of humor and defiance. In one of his follow-up posts, he wrote, “Yeah and just for the HATE MONGERS … I’m posting ANOTHER. As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community I show my support. Zero fks what people think. If I lost you… GOOD! Your hateful a never loved me in the first place.”

    Instagram: @MarlonWayans

    Support for Wayans poured in from various corners of the internet, including his niece Chaunte Wayans, singer Janelle Monáe, and actors Tiffany Haddish and Mehcad Brooks. Chaunte Wayans commented, “This is dope! Thank you for always supporting & letting me wear your clothes!” Meanwhile, Monáe added, “Thank you!! Happy Pride to us!” with Haddish and Brooks echoing their support through rainbow emojis.

    Wayans didn’t stop there. He posted a third photo, this time with a rainbow mask, declaring, “You mad?! I can do this s**t ALL DAY… but instead I think I’ll do it ALL MONTH. HAPPY PRIDE Love and Laughter will always drown hate.” He also addressed the backlash with a touch of sarcasm, suggesting that the homophobia exhibited by some might stem from repressed feelings, encouraging them to embrace their true selves: “For people to be that homophobic reeks of repressed feelings/desires. Bruh, don’t live like that. Come on out. Be you. That’s what PRIDE is all about… acceptance.”

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    The online support was overwhelming. Fans and members of the LGBTQ+ community expressed their gratitude for Wayans’ unwavering support. One supporter summed it up perfectly, writing, “A lot of you men are really showing your insecurity and homophobia in these comments. He did a photo shoot, his child is part of the community, he’s an ally, what’s the problem?”

    This isn’t the first time Wayans has spoken out about his support for his transgender son, Kai. Last year, in an interview with The Breakfast Club, he expressed his desire for his children to live freely and authentically. “I just want my kids to be free,” Wayans said. “I want them to be free in spirit, free in thought, free to be themselves. The more you know yourself, the more you can govern yourself, the more you live your truth, the happier your existence.”

    Instagram: @MarlonWayans

    Wayans shares his children, Kai and Shawn, with his ex-partner Angela Zackery. He also co-parents his one-year-old daughter Axl with ex-girlfriend Brittany Moreland.

    In a world where celebrities often shy away from taking a stand on controversial issues, Marlon Wayans’ outspoken support for the LGBTQ+ community, especially during Pride Month, is a refreshing and much-needed show of solidarity. His fearless approach to the backlash serves as a powerful reminder that love and laughter will always prevail over hate.

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