Gay Adult Film Actor Turned Pastor Made $1 Million 

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Pastor Joshua Broome, who was once the jewel of the gay adult film industry under the name Rocco Reed, candidly spoke about his previous occupation during an interactive virtual church sermon.

Broome, who switched gears to ministering his followers about his profound faith, declared he made over a million dollars during his gay adult film career. However, he emphasized that despite the financial benefits, it ruined his life.

Broome, who was initially enticed by the glamorous offers and promising income, plunged himself into the industry at a young age. His raw talent and charisma quickly shot him to fame, and in a few short years, he raked in a fortune.

However, beneath the fame and wealth, Broome’s personal life narrates a morose tale. The glitzy facade of his career overshadowed deep-rooted bitterness and unhappiness, leading to a downward spiral filled with regret and self-reproach.

Instagram – Joshua Broome aka Rocco Reed

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A few years ago, Broome turned to faith and became a pastor. He confessed that his journey away from the adult film industry has been the most liberating experience of his life. The pastor stressed that he sought solace in spirituality, which helped him to navigate his struggles.

Broome’s recent announcements have triggered a variety of reactions within the LGBTQ+ community, from empathy to criticism. However, the majority respect Broome’s candidness about his struggles and the decisions he made to reclaim his life.

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