Gay TV Champs Mark 8 Years of Marriage Bliss

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Tommy DiDario, renown TV Host and LGBTQ+ advocate, recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary with his equally fab husband, ABC news reporter, Gio Benitez. Tommy took to Twitter on April 16th, 2024, to commemorate the special day, lending us a sweet snapshot into the love shared between him and Benitez over the past eight years. “4.16.16. 8 years ago. What a beautiful adventures it’s been. Happy anniversary, @GioBenitez.”, he tweeted with heartfelt emotion.

Before bursting onto our television sets, DiDario began his career as a lifestyle blogger, fitness guru, and motivational speaker. He transitioned into television, using his platform to highlight LGBTQ+ visibility, inclusivity, and health issues. His magnetic charisma quickly endeared him to a vast audience, rising in popularity and becoming a beloved figure within the LGBTQ+ community.

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Married to Gio Benitez since 2016, DiDario’s personal love story has often captivated his fans. The couple met on Instagram, their digital sparks eventually transitioning to real-life romance, and their love story has enchanted followers ever since.

DiDario and Benitez have tirelessly used their platforms to advocate for equality and acceptance. Their outspoken love and commitment to each other, paired with their dedication to promoting LGBTQ+ rights, have made them a beloved couple within the community. With eight years under their belt, we can only anticipate more beautiful and adventurous years to come for this power duo. Here’s to Tommy and Gio, who continually remind us that love knows no boundaries.

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