Hollywood Calls Gay Actor Jonathan Bailey To Star In Dino Sequel

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The name Jonathan Bailey has been echoing through the vibrant halls of the Hollywood grapevine. Lately, Bailey, an openly gay British actor known for his unforgettable performance as Anthony Bridgerton in the hit series “Bridgerton,” is rumored to be offered a lead role in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel directed by Gareth Edwards, with Scarlett Johansson as his co star.

Sources tell Deadline that the new movie will be a fresh take, with Jurassic World cast members Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard not expected to return and will be produced by Spielberg and Patrick Crowley. 

Bailey’s admirers are on cloud nine, intrigued and thrilled to see their beloved British hunk running from dinosaurs, thus bringing more diversity into the mega franchise. Clearly, T-rexes aren’t the only ones roaring in excitement!

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Now let’s rustle through the pages of Bailey’s off-screen life. He is proud and open about his sexuality, having publicly come out as gay years ago, and hopes to inspire a younger generation to accept who they are. Although tidy regarding his personal life, an individual Canary bird whispers that Bailey appears to have found the man of his dreams. Our dear Bailey seems to be following the motto of ‘Keep Your Love Life Close and Hidden!’

Whether it’s his commitment to his work, gay rights, his fans, or his own personal journey, a sense of admiration is always found within. Jonathan Bailey’s rise from ‘that cute guy from Bridgerton’ to ‘Hollywood’s next big thing’ is not just about his acting prowess but also about his consistent stand for authenticity.

With his lust for acting and passion for equality, we hope to see Bailey continue to break barriers and offer heartening representation for the LGBT community. Here is to more love, acceptance, and some Jurassic-size success!

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