Matt Bomer’s Husband Simon Halls Helps Celebs Come Out

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Veteran PR maestro Simon Halls, husband of the dashing Matt Bomer, is a name whispered in the hallowed halls of Hollywood. Known for his stellar career in public relations, Simon has been the invisible hand guiding many celebrities through the tumultuous journey of coming out. In a recent Hollywood Reporter article, he sheds light on his experiences and the evolution of LGBTQ+ representation in the entertainment industry.

Matt’s message to Simon.
Instagram: @mattbomer

Coming of Age in Tumultuous Times

Simon Halls’ journey began at a time when being openly gay could mean risking everything. “I came of age when AIDS was decimating our community. You couldn’t be your true self, and if you tried, chances are the virus would find you,” he recalls. Halls started his career with an internship at Warner Bros. and after graduating from USC, he found himself working in Russia, where even the slightest hint of homosexuality could lead to severe punishment.

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Upon returning to Los Angeles, Simon began working with the legendary Nanci Ryder, a fierce ally of the LGBTQ+ community. It was through her mentorship and friendship that Halls found his footing in Hollywood’s PR world. Despite the challenges, including clients who refused to work with him because he was gay, Simon persevered.

A Beacon of Support

Simon’s role extended beyond traditional PR work. He often found himself supporting clients through deeply personal and public crises. For instance, he helped actor Michael Jeter and choreographer Michael Peters navigate the painful scrutiny they faced during the AIDS epidemic. Halls’ approach was to bring calm and comfort while helping these individuals share their stories on their own terms.

One of the most notable moments in his career was working with Ellen DeGeneres during her coming out. “Ellen’s decision to come out was monumental. It was a life-affirming moment for so many people,” Simon reflects. He highlights how this move, championed by publicist Pat Kingsley, paved the way for greater acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals in the media.

Ellen coming out

Personal Triumphs and Professional Challenges

While Simon has played a crucial role in many celebrities’ coming-out stories, his own personal life has also been under the spotlight. His husband, Matt Bomer, publicly thanked Simon and their children at a Desert AIDS Project event, which inadvertently outed their relationship. Despite the media frenzy, Simon and Matt navigated the situation with grace.

Instagram: @mattbomer

Simon also played a significant role in advising Anne Heche during her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. He encouraged Anne to live her truth, despite resistance from her team. His support was unwavering, reflecting his belief that everyone should be allowed to celebrate their love openly.

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Hollywood’s Evolution

Simon’s career has seen Hollywood evolve from a place where gay actors were often forced to hide their sexuality, to a more inclusive environment. He worked with Nathan Lane during the actor’s breakout role in “The Birdcage,” helping him navigate the pressures of coming out publicly. Lane’s witty response to a persistent reporter, “I’m 40, single and work a lot in musical theater. You do the math,” was a bold stand against the era’s intrusive speculation.

A Legacy of Advocacy

Simon Halls’ influence extends far beyond his immediate work. He has witnessed and contributed to significant milestones in LGBTQ+ representation. Ryan Murphy, the powerhouse behind hits like “Glee” and “Pose,” has long championed gay stories. Directors like Ang Lee, who broke barriers with “Brokeback Mountain” and “The Wedding Banquet,” and Greg Berlanti, who pushed for network TV’s first romantic kiss between two men on “Dawson’s Creek,” have been instrumental in this evolution.

Brokeback Mountain

Veteran journalist Jess Cagle, while at Entertainment Weekly, ensured that LGBTQ+ issues were always front and center. CAA partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane have guided the careers of beloved performers while being openly out. And who could forget Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, whose “Will & Grace” brought gay characters into mainstream living rooms, making America fall in love with Will Truman and Jack McFarland?

Moving Forward

Simon Halls remains dedicated to helping individuals share their stories in ways that feel right for them. His message is clear: “You can do this. It’s not that scary here. I promise that it can be celebrated because this is a time for celebration.”

In a world that has seen immense change, Simon Halls stands as a pivotal figure in the ongoing journey toward acceptance and equality. His work has not only opened doors but also hearts and minds, making Hollywood a more inclusive place for everyone.

Matt Bomer in Fellow Travelers

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New Gay “Golden Girls” with Matt Bomer & Nathan Lane 

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In an exciting development for LGBTQ+ representation on television, beloved gay stars Nathan Lane and Matt Bomer are set to headline a new sitcom inspired by the classic “Golden Girls.” This fresh, vibrant series promises to bring a unique twist to the beloved format, centering around the lives, loves, and laughs of an all-gay ensemble cast.

Nathan Lane, a veteran of Broadway and television, has long been a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community. Lane, who came out publicly in 1999, has used his platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. His recent roles in hit shows like “The Good Wife” and “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” have further cemented his status as a versatile and beloved actor.

Matt Bomer, known for his roles in “White Collar” and “The Normal Heart,” has also been a shining star in the LGBTQ+ firmament. Bomer came out as gay in 2012 and has since been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ issues. His performances have consistently brought depth and authenticity to gay characters on screen.

Instagram: @MattBomer

The new sitcom will follow three friends navigating the ups and downs of life in their golden years. Lane and Bomer will be joined by Broadway performer Linda Lavin, playing the part of Lane’s mother.. The show’s creators promise a mix of humor, heart, and a celebration of LGBTQ+ friendships and relationships.

Instagram: @MattBomer

“The series follows three best friends — gay gentlemen of a certain age – who, after an unexpected death, decide to spend their golden years living together in Palm Springs where the wealthiest one lives with his mother and a naked Gen Z housekeeper,” Hulu says in a release. 

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“‘Mid-Century Modern’ stars Nathan Lane as Bunny Schneiderman, Matt Bomer as Jerry Frank, and Linda Lavin as Sybil Schneiderman, Bunny’s mother. A successful businessman with one foot in retirement, Bunny is forever in search of love, but he first has to be convinced he’s worthy of it. Like her son, Sybil’s strengths are her weaknesses: wise, caring, and iconoclastic – which sometimes means she’s critical, smothering and amoral. Jerry left the Mormon Church and his marriage in his early 20s after his wife informed him and the rest of the congregation that he was a homosexual. Now a latter-day saint in the literal sense of the term, Jerry is pure of heart. He is also hard of body and soft of head. ”

This new series is a significant step forward in LGBTQ+ representation on television, continuing the legacy of shows like “Will & Grace” and “Queer as Folk.” With Lane and Bomer at the helm, the it promises to be both a hilarious and heartfelt addition to the TV landscape. Fans can hardly wait to see these two powerhouses bring their magic to the small screen once again.

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Actor Zane Phillips on Coming Out & Finding Self-Worth

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Zane Phillips opens up about his journey to self-discovery and how he figured out his sexuality, shedding light on an often challenging path many in the LGBTQ+ community traverse.

In a candid interview, the heartthrob from “Fire Island” and “Glamorous” shared intimate details of his coming-out story. Zane revealed that understanding his sexuality was a gradual process, marked by moments of self-reflection and pivotal experiences that ultimately led him to embrace his identity as a gay man.

Instagram: @zaneethan

Growing up in a conservative environment, Zane initially struggled with his feelings. He often felt out of place, grappling with societal expectations and internalized fears. It wasn’t until his late teens that he began to confront these emotions head-on. “I think for me, it was really about finding the courage to be honest with myself,” he shared in an interview with Pride. “There was a lot of confusion and fear, but also this undeniable feeling that I needed to explore who I really was.”

Instagram: @zaneethan

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A turning point for Zane came during his college years when he met people who were openly living their truth. “Seeing friends and peers be unapologetically themselves was incredibly inspiring,” he said. “It made me realize that I wasn’t alone and that it was okay to be who I am.” This newfound acceptance allowed Zane to explore his identity more freely, eventually leading to his coming out to family and friends.

Zane’s story resonates with many in the LGBTQ+ community who face similar struggles. His openness about the process of self-discovery and acceptance highlights the importance of finding supportive environments and role models. “It’s essential to surround yourself with people who love and accept you for who you are,” Zane emphasized. “Their support can make all the difference on your journey.”

Instagram: @zaneethan

Today, Zane is a proud advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. His roles in queer-centric media not only entertain but also provide representation for a community often underrepresented in mainstream media. Zane’s journey is a powerful reminder that while figuring out one’s sexuality can be challenging, it is also a path toward living authentically and proudly.

As he continues to shine both on and off-screen, Zane Phillips remains a vibrant and inspirational figure in the entertainment world, proving that embracing your true self is always worth it.

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Gay Icon Ian McKellen Falls Off Stage, Rushed to Hospital

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In a shocking turn of events, the legendary Sir Ian McKellen found himself in a harrowing situation on stage recently. During a performance, McKellen was left screaming in pain and desperately pleading for help in front of a stunned audience, Mirror reports. This distressing incident has sent ripples through both the theatrical world and the LGBTQ+ community, who have long admired Sir Ian for his indomitable spirit and remarkable contributions.

Sir Ian McKellen

Known for his iconic roles in “Lord of the Rings” and “X-Men,” Sir Ian McKellen is not just a titan of cinema and stage, but also a fervent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. His coming out in 1988 on a BBC radio show was a groundbreaking moment that gave a voice to countless others who were struggling for acceptance. Over the years, McKellen has used his platform to champion equality and has become a cherished figure in the gay community.

Instagram: @oscar_c_m_

Recently, Sir Ian has not been in the headlines just for his acting prowess. His love life, though often kept private, has been a topic of interest. Known for his charming and charismatic personality, McKellen has always been candid about his relationships. Though currently single, he has had notable relationships in the past that have been celebrated for breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes.

Instagram: @oscar_c_m_

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In his latest public appearances, McKellen has been as vibrant and passionate as ever, continuing to engage in LGBTQ+ activism. He’s been seen at pride events, giving speeches brimming with hope and resilience.

His interview with last year was a particularly touching reflection on his journey, where he shared insights into his career, his advocacy work, and his unwavering belief in love and equality. The recent incident, while alarming, is a poignant reminder of the vulnerability even our strongest icons can face. The outpouring of support from fans and fellow actors has been immense, showcasing the deep affection and respect for McKellen.

As we await more updates on his recovery, let’s cherish Sir Ian McKellen not just for his unmatched talent but also for his enduring commitment to love and acceptance. Here’s to a swift recovery for our beloved Gandalf! 🌈✨

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Modern Family Star Honors Husband at 2024 Tony Awards

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson, our beloved star from “Modern Family,” took the stage at the 2024 Tony Awards with more than just acting prowess. Before presenting the award for best actor in a featured role, he gave a heartwarming shout-out to his husband, Justin Mikita, in honor of Father’s Day. The couple, who have been together for over a decade, continue to shine as an inspiring example of love and partnership in the LGBTQ+ community.

Justin & Jesse. Instagram: @jessetyler

Jesse and Justin’s love story is the stuff of rom-com dreams. They met in 2010 and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in New York City in 2013. Both have been vocal advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, using their platform to support causes close to their hearts. Together, they founded Tie The Knot, a non-profit dedicated to advocating for marriage equality.

Instagram: @jessetyler

Their journey into parenthood began when they welcomed their son, Beckett Mercer, in July 2020. Since then, the couple has been sharing adorable snippets of their family life, much to the delight of fans. Jesse’s touching tribute to Justin at the Tony Awards was a testament to the love they share and their commitment to being present, loving fathers.

Jesse talks with Orville Peck

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In recent years, Jesse has expanded his horizons beyond acting. He’s been involved in various projects, including hosting “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and writing a cookbook with his husband, aptly titled “Food Between Friends.” Their collaborative spirit extends beyond the kitchen, as they’ve continued to stand as pillars of support for one another in both their professional and personal lives.

Jesse’s public display of affection and gratitude towards Justin at such a prestigious event is a reminder of the powerful love stories within our community. It’s not just about their celebrity status; it’s about the genuine connection and mutual support they exemplify. Cheers to Jesse and Justin for celebrating love, fatherhood, and each other in the most beautiful way possible!

— Stay fabulous and keep celebrating love, darlings! 🌈💖

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