Gatwa and Groff’s Gay Romance Makes ‘Doctor Who’ History

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In a groundbreaking moment for the iconic series “Doctor Who,” the latest episode titled “Rogue,” which premiered on June 8, 2024, has introduced the Doctor’s first fully-fledged gay romance. Ncuti Gatwa, playing the Fifteenth Doctor, shared a passionate kiss with Jonathan Groff’s character, Rogue, marking a historic milestone for the show.

Under the creative vision of Russell T Davies, known for his LGBTQ+ inclusive storytelling, this episode sets the stage for a more explicitly queer narrative. Gatwa, the first openly queer actor to portray the Doctor, brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the role, perfectly matched by Groff’s enigmatic and charming Rogue .


The episode’s setting in a Regency-era ball adds a dash of Bridgerton-style elegance to the sci-fi series, enhancing the palpable homoerotic tension between the Doctor and Rogue. As they navigate their blossoming relationship amidst space adventures, the Doctor’s spaceship even features a nod to queer culture with a Kylie Minogue hit blaring on the sound system .

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This isn’t the first time the Doctor has shared a kiss with a man—Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, kissed the Doctor in 2005. However, this episode of “Doctor Who” is pioneering in developing the Time Lord’s first substantial same-sex romance, a significant step forward in representation for the long-running series .


The episode also teases the Doctor’s deeper exploration of his queer identity, hinted at in previous specials, where the Doctor mentioned a summer fling with Harry Houdini and a crush on Isaac Newton. This progression is a testament to Davies’ commitment to showcasing diverse and inclusive stories within mainstream media .


“Doctor Who” continues to air on BBC1 in the UK and is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ internationally. With this new era of storytelling, the series is set to resonate even more profoundly with its LGBTQ+ audience, offering both thrilling adventures and heartfelt moments .

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