Inside Bretman Rock’s Fairytale Love Story with Justice Fester

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Bretman Rock has given his fans the romantic comedy moment they never knew they needed. The beauty influencer recently opened up about his enchanting love story with Justice Fester, which began with a chance encounter six years ago and rekindled through a serendipitous scroll on TikTok.

Instagram: @BretmanRock

Back in May, Bretman surprised his millions of followers by hard-launching his relationship with Justice on TikTok and Instagram, sharing adorable snapshots and videos that left fans swooning. During a recent appearance on Quenlin Blackwell’s YouTube channel, Bretman divulged the full story, which feels straight out of a movie.

Their story began six years ago at a club, where Bretman first noticed Justice but didn’t make a move, assuming Justice was straight. “Basically, I met this man six years ago [at a club]. I had no business being in the club,” he explained. It wasn’t until Bretman’s cousin, Miss K, confirmed otherwise that Bretman finally approached Justice. “I slid in there and I was like, ‘What are we drinking?’ We took a shot, and then I put lip gloss on and he was like, ‘You’re making me self-conscious like I feel like my lips are dry,’” Bretman recounted. This bold move led to a kiss and a dinner date, which ended awkwardly due to a misunderstanding about Justice’s relationship status .

Instagram: @justiceisking

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Fast forward to six years later, while taking a break from watching “Fallout,” Bretman stumbled upon Justice’s TikTok profile. “I went scrolling on TikTok, and I saw this man’s [profile],” he said. “And I’m just staring at it, and I’m like, ‘Why does this man look so familiar?’” This discovery led him to find an old message from Justice, apologizing for their past awkward dinner and suggesting they try again. Bretman seized the opportunity, and their date that very day reignited their connection. “So I was like, ‘Is that date still on the table?’ and that very day we went on a date,” he shared with a smile .

Instagram: @justiceisking

Since going public, Bretman has been joyously sharing snippets of their relationship. On Instagram, he celebrated Pride Month with heartfelt posts, declaring, “I do have a man! We out here.” Bretman also hinted at more personal revelations to come on his upcoming podcast, “Da Baddest Radio” .

Bretman’s fans have eagerly embraced Justice, and their story has become a highlight of Pride Month celebrations. This romantic tale of reconnection and serendipity continues to inspire, showcasing the beautiful unpredictability of love in the digital age.

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