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    Oliver Stark on ‘9-1-1’ Anti-Gays: ‘I Hope They’re Dying Out’

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    Dubbed the heartthrob of the hit drama series “9-1-1,” Oliver Stark has become a fan favorite for his intense performances and charismatic screen presence. The British actor, who plays a young firefighter struggling with the challenges of being a bisexual man in a predominantly straight world, has boldly confronted some of the show’s less tolerant viewers. Stark recently commented on his hope that homophobic fans of the show are “dying out.”

    Known for his breakout role in AMC’s martial arts drama, “Into the Badlands,” Stark has since expanded his acting repertoire to include major roles in both film and television industries. His recent work in “9-1-1” garnered praise for his portrayal of Evan “Buck” Buckley’s relationship with a male firefighter played by heartthrob Lou Ferrigno Jr. 

    Oliver has long been an advocate for equal rights within the LGBTQ+ community. He briefly dated co-star Aisha Hinds but has since kept his personal life private. The charm of his on-screen romance has left fans scrolling through his dating history and romantic interests.

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    However, it’s not all been smooth sailing for the actor. His character’s bisexual storyline has served as an unfortunate magnet for homophobic fans, who often express their disdain on social platforms. Displaying an endearing optimism, Stark voices a belief that the intolerance is declining.

    “I wondered if I should bother even saying something to them because, do I even wanna give them the time of day?”, he said in a recent interview with Gay Times.

    “I do believe, or at least hope, they seem to be dying out. They should go watch something else.”

    It’s clear that Oliver Stark’s off-screen persona is as fiery as his on-screen character. He remains unfazed by negative comments and continues to champion for accepting love in all its forms. In this modern era, Stark’s hopeful attitude is a glimmering light of positivity that’s as captivating as his on-screen performances.

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