Rugby Player Tom Garratt in Intimate Gay Video

Tom Garratt
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In the world of rugby and beyond, Tom Garratt is no stranger to the headlines. But this week, the former Hull Kingston Rovers prop is making waves for reasons beyond the pitch. A leaked video showcasing Garratt in a rather intimate moment with another man has the internet ablaze, and the sportsman’s response is nothing short of remarkable.

Garratt, whose career on the field has seen him charge through defenses for both the Dewsbury Rams and Hull Kingston Rovers, found himself on the defensive as the video went viral. But rather than shy away or express regret, Garratt’s take is refreshingly candid. “What goes on holiday should stay on holiday,” he quips, addressing the incident with a blend of humor and nonchalance on the Pitch Side podcast.

The video, a memento from a raucous holiday seven years ago, shows Garratt in a compromising position, surrounded by laughter. Yet, Garratt refuses to let this define him or his sexuality, emphasizing that a drunken escapade doesn’t equate to a coming-out declaration. His lighthearted approach extends to social media, where he jests about the situation on TikTok, proving that he can take a joke as well as he can tackle on the field.

“It’s from seven years ago, which obviously doesn’t change the fact that what happened, happened” Garratt explains. “Obviously we were on holiday and it got a bit messy and we thought it would be funny to… yeah.”

“I understand a lot of people don’t find that funny and wouldn’t do it, but d’you know what, good for you but I would not want that life,” he continued. “We had a great time, we had a great laugh and I don’t know how the video’s got out but it has. And you’ve just got to f***ing firm it – unlike my mate did. “So, if anyone’s looking for a holiday buddy for the summer, I might be going to Tenerife. I’ll see you there.”

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Garratt’s story is more than just tabloid fodder; it shows the evolving attitudes toward sexuality, particularly in the traditionally macho world of sports. His refusal to be pigeonholed or shamed for a moment of jest speaks volumes about personal freedom and the changing tide in how we perceive masculinity and sexual identity in athletes.

As Garratt cheekily suggests he’s open to “being a bit fruity” and jokes about future holiday plans, he reminds us all that at the end of the day, it’s the person, not the player, who defines our legacy. And if his legacy is one of humor, resilience, and a dash of controversy, then Tom Garratt is playing the game of life with the same gusto he brought to the rugby field.

“I think whoever leaked it is weirder than me,” Garratt says. “He was a friend in need, and I am a friend indeed.” “It doesn’t mean I’m bi, it doesn’t mean I’m gay”, he continued, before adding: “Well, maybe it does, but do you know what, if I am, I am. Alright?”


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