Why You Should Help Your Gay Friend Come Out

If you’re a really good friend to someone, you don’t hide your thoughts from him even to protect him

Dear Max,

I have a feeling that my best friend is gay. Is there any way I can help him come out of the closest without hurting his feelings?

I don’t want to ask straight out if he is gay, just in case he is not.

Is there anything I can do to help him confess and find out the truth?

I don’t want him to feel like he can’t tell me.

-Good friend

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Dear Good friend,

He is probably just not ready to tell you yet, either because he’s not comfortable with himself or because he doesn’t feel confident about your friendship.

So you can either be patient and wait until he is ready, or you can be honest with him and tell him what you think.

In my oppinion, honesty is always the best way to keep and grow a friendship. Fortunately, homosexuality is not the same tabu that it once was and if he is gay, he will probably just tell you.

Before you let him in on your thoughts, make sure that he understands that you have absolutely no problems with people being gay and that it will not affect your friendship at all if he is.

When you’re sure that he understands the situation, then you can tell him that you have been suspecting that he may be gay.

Don’t put him on the spot by asking him directly. It’s his life and you don’t have the right to know unless he wants you to.

But if he chooses to come out to you, then your friendship may grow even closer.

Good luck!

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Help you friend be honest with his feelings so that he can find happiness and love