10 Ways To Get Your Man

Get Your Man

Meeting the man of your dreams isn’t easy, especially if you’re not endowed with the swaggering coolness of a player or the looks of an A-list movie star

However, armed with a few pointers, you have no reason to despair. Below you’ll find a few ways you can improve your dating game and start filling up your little black book:

1. Smile – Smile often and intensely (but don’t fake it). Smiles instantly makes you beautiful.

2. Tell him you like his shirt. Everybody likes a compliment.

3. Make sweet, but subtle, gestures – Touch his hands, back, arms, but do it carefully.

4. Laugh – Be happy and laugh at his jokes.

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5. Eye contact – Make eye contact and keep it as long as you can but don’t make it look like you’re desperate.

6. Listen – Listen to what he has to say. And reply with comments that show that you actually did listen to what he said.

7. Tease him. Make fun of yourself, and him. But make sure you don’t go to far.

8. Attitude – Don’t make him think you are an easy catch.

9. If it went to far, to fast, don’t show him that you regret it. Get his number and wait a couple of weeks before you call him. Then get a date and start over.

10. Have fun! – Enjoy yourself and the flirt.

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Gay love is beautiful!

Gay love