Andrew Scott: There’s No Greater Joy Than Being Gay

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Olivier Award-winning actor Andrew Scott recently declared that being gay is the “greatest joy” of his life, a sentiment that resonates deeply with many in the LGBTQ+ community. In a candid interview with Variety, Scott discussed the evolution of his understanding of sexuality and the outdated nature of terms like “openly gay.” He believes that such terms imply a defiance that shouldn’t be necessary for simply being oneself. Instead, Scott emphasizes the joy and liberation he feels from embracing his identity fully.

Paul Mescal & Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers

Reflecting on his journey, Scott, known for his roles in Sherlock, Fleabag, and the recent All of Us Strangers, expressed that talking about sexuality should be as straightforward as discussing any other aspect of life. He often finds it frustrating that the focus tends to be on the challenges of being gay rather than the immense joy it brings him. “Sometimes I find it hard when you’re doing press because I feel so joyful and so emancipated,” Scott shared. “It seems like I always want to talk about the difficulties I have with being gay, when, actually, it’s the greatest joy of my life” .

Scott’s recent projects, including his role in the Netflix series Ripley and the film All of Us Strangers, have allowed him to explore complex characters whose sexualities are not strictly defined. This approach, he feels, aligns more truthfully with real-life experiences, which often resist neat categorization. In Ripley, Scott avoided pigeonholing his character’s sexuality, aiming instead to portray a more nuanced and realistic human experience .

Andrew Scott in Ripley

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Moreover, Scott’s reflections on his own life and career reveal a deep appreciation for the progress in LGBTQ+ representation in media. He recalls the encouragement he received early in his career to keep his sexuality private, advice he is now glad he ignored. Embracing his identity publicly has not only enriched his personal life but also allowed him to become a role model for others in the community .

In All of Us Strangers, Scott’s performance is particularly personal and cathartic, drawing on his own experiences and emotions. The film, which delves into themes of love, loss, and reconciliation, provided Scott with an opportunity to explore and express his own journey towards self-acceptance and joy in his sexuality .

Paul Mescal & Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers

Andrew Scott’s perspective and his willingness to share his experiences continue to inspire many, highlighting the beauty and richness of living authentically. His career and his openness about his identity serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of representation and the celebration of diversity in all its forms.

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