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    Are ‘Elite’ Co-Stars Ayuso and Escamilla Dating?

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    The world of Netflix’s Elite is no stranger to drama, both on and off the screen. Recently, fans of the popular series have been sent into a frenzy over speculation that stars Omar Ayuso and Itzan Escamilla might be dating. The buzz started when Escamilla posted a photo on Instagram of the two actors holding hands, which quickly garnered over 360 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

    Ayuso, who has portrayed the gay and often scandal-ridden character Omar Shanaa since 2018, added fuel to the fire by commenting “Mi chicooooooooooooo” followed by a heart emoji. This affectionate term, translating to “my boy” in English, has led fans to speculate about the nature of their relationship. Escamilla, who played lead character Samuel García from the first season through to the fifth, has never publicly disclosed his sexuality, making this potential revelation even more intriguing for their fans.

    The photo has sparked a variety of reactions from fans. One excited commenter wrote, “What a plot twist!” while another expressed disbelief, saying, “I don’t know how to react.” Others have taken a more grounded approach, reminding everyone that friends holding hands doesn’t necessarily indicate a romantic relationship. “I don’t think this is what you all think it is,” one fan wrote, while another replied, “If they are [in a relationship, I’m] happy for them. I’m just saying I think ppl are jumping.”

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    Adding to the speculation, stylist and close friend of the actors, Javier González, posted a story on Instagram showing Ayuso and Escamilla from a different angle with the caption “Pilladas” – Spanish for “Caught.” This has further fueled the rumor mill, with fans eagerly awaiting any confirmation or denial from the actors.

    Ayuso, who is openly gay, has a history of engaging his queer fanbase. Recently, he shared a painting of his bare bum, continuing his tradition of teasing fans with semi-nude posts on social media. This playful engagement with his followers only adds to the excitement and curiosity surrounding his personal life.

    While neither Ayuso nor Escamilla has confirmed or denied the rumors, the internet remains abuzz with speculation. Whether they are simply close friends or something more, their bond has certainly captivated fans of Elite. As we wait for any official word from the actors themselves, one thing is certain: the excitement and drama of Elite extend far beyond the confines of our screens.

    Elite is available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story!

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