Are Male Models Gay?

How come there are still stereotypes around gays and some professions?

Dear Max,
I have been watching a lot of modeling shows lately and have been thinking about maybe trying modeling myself.

Does being a male model mean you are gay? Because I don’t know if I am. I think I may be bi or something. I like looking at the guys on the show, but I really like girls too.

All the guys on the shows are usually very goodlooking and stylish, and I know that many gays are too. So, that’s why I wonder if you kind of have to be gay to be a male model?

Dear Sean,
In the past, gay guys were too afraid to come out. The ones who were more open about their sexuality were often hair dressers and some male models. That’s when the stereotype started.

As more gays are coming out of the closet, more people are realizing that gay guys are also working as professionals, actors, engineers or doctors. So to answer your question, being a male model does not mean you are gay.

People are gay because they like the same sex and not because they have a specific type of job. So there are many gay models, but as in the rest of society there are probably more models that are straight than that are gay.

Here’s an interesting video with young guys talking about how it is to work as a model.