My Ex Has a Girlfriend Now. How Do I Get Rid of Her?

Tom Hardy

Why do we think other people get in the way of our happiness?

Dear Max,
I really like this guy and I don’t know what to do. We actually were in a relationship for a while but then it ended.

I still love him very much and he says he still loves me, but he has this girlfriend now who is in our way. He says he also loves her and does not want to get rid of her.

I know this is mean, but can you give me some good advice on what I can do to get rid of her?

-Desperate in Anaheim

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Dear Desperate in Anaheim,
The problem is that your ex does not WANT to get rid of her and that he loves her now. So it will not be up to you.

He is the one who has to make that decision. The bad news is that usually when you wait for someone to break up with your rival, if they actually end up doing so they will tend to find someone else instead of you.

You may not only feel even more miserable than you are feeling right now, it is also very unlikely that he will ever be yours again the way he was before.

So my advice for you is to move on and find someone else. That will save you from a lot of heartache and will make it easier for both of you.

Good luck!

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