Waiting for Him to Love You

Waiting for Him to Love You

While you are waiting for him to be ready for a relationship, real love may pass you by

Dear Max,
Do you think it’s stupid of me to wait for this guy, Alex, who I really like a lot, even though he is not ready for a relationship?

We’ve been talking for more than 2 months now and I have already started to tell him, “I Love You.” Unfortunately, he has never said the same back to me.

I am really getting frustrated and can’t stop thinking about Alex. Constantly!

Please help me, Max. What should I do?


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Dear Dustin,
Try to relax a little about your feelings towards Alex. Take it slow.

You know for a fact that he is not ready for a relationship. So you are taking a big chance investing your time and your feelings for a relationship that may mostly be in your mind and may never really happen.

When a guy says he is not ready for a relationship, usually it means…HE IS NOT READY!

In your case, there are three possibilities:

1) Alex may see how much you love him and realize you are the one for him and may want to be in a relationship with you.

2) Alex may just want to hang out with you for sex while he goes out with other guys until he meets that special one.

3) Alex will not want to hang out with you because you are too pushy.

Now that you know some of the possibilities, only you can decide whether or not you want to invest time and effort to try to change Alex’s mind.

Just know that someone special, who is ready for a relationship, may be out there looking for someone like you. Hopefully, he will not pass you by while you are too busy with Alex.

Good Luck!

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  1. “I’m not ready for a relationship” usually means “I’m not ready for a relationship with YOU.”

    You’re falling in love with someone who has given you no reason to fall in love with him. I suspect you are quite young, and really want to be in love. Nothing wrong with either thing. Eventually you will learn that it takes two.

    And two months is no time at all. Relax. Enjoy being with your friends. If you meet a guy you like, date him. And if it develops into love or marriage, it will do so in its own time. You can’t make it happen