I Always Seem to End up Alone and Forgotten

I always seem to end up alone and forgotten

It’s hard to wait for Mr. Right to come along when you are desperate for love

Dear Max,
I’m 22 and am looking for a boyfriend, but I always seem to end up alone and forgotten by the end of the night.

I have tried being social, but not slutty. I’ve tried laughing at jokes that aren’t funny. I’ve tried wearing clothes that show off my body, which is pretty toned. And I’ve tried scooping the room for guys who are making eye contact with me, but they always look away once they notice me looking right back at them.

When I ask guys to dance, they, shyly, turn me down. The only guys who approached me are ALWAYS drunk. What’s wrong with me and what am I doing wrong? What should I be doing?


–Wichita, KS_BOI

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Dear KS_BOI,
You are not doing anything wrong. Just be patient because it usually takes a while to find someone special. Just be yourself, go out, meet people and sooner or later you will find that special one.

Remember to also use all the internet resources such as our chat rooms and personal ads (i.e. Outpersonals.com or Match.com). Supermarkets and neighborhood gyms are also great to meet people, potential boyfriends and maybe even Mr. Right.

Usually, people meet their special one when they are not really looking. So relax and let it happen.

Good luck!

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  1. Here’s the best advice an older man can give you:


    worrying makes you desperate. Desperation is like body odor. It’s a turn off.

    Be yourself. Enjoy the contacts you have. spend time with your friends. Learn to be the kind of man you would like to date. A nice young man will soon show up for you.

  2. I find gay society is very dysfunctional when it comes to dating. Gay men are very low self confidence and and tell themselves they want the perfect “ken” doll. That way being picky protects their self low confidence from being hurt.

  3. Your 22 I am 52 and find myself in the same situation but I go on with life hoping sometime this year I will find someone.
    Don’t know why but we fight for equality for ourselves we seem to cause our own issues with the way we treat some people with shaming
    Fat shaming age shaming and other quirks we have
    Hopefully you just chill eventually you will find someone but don’t loose self esteemm in the process and don’t except second best only the best