Are There Any Hangouts for Young Gay Men Like Me

Are there any hangouts for young gay men like me

What do you do when you want to find young gay friends but are afraid of rejection?

Dear Max,
I am Jeremy and I’m 18 and live in Houston, Texas. I’m frustrated because I feel that I need gay friends and I dont have the guts to go to a gay club by myself.

I feel quite lonely sometimes and I would really like to find someone to be with. If I meet somebody online I fear that when we meet up in person they’ll end up rejecting me.

What would you do, Max? Do you know if there are any top gay hangouts for young gay men like me?


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Dear Jeremy,
You have to be daring if you want to meet people. You have to go to places where gay people go so you can meet other gay youth. If they reject you…oh well, move on to the next guy.

There are plenty of guys and we all have to deal with rejection at some point. You will find gay friends, and even your special person, eventually. Usually at your age, you get really frustrated and think you will never meet anyone. But you will. Just be patient and enjoy life.

Here is a link to a website that provides a lot of useful information for LGBT youth in Houston, and where you can meet other young gay people:

The Montrose Center
401 Branard Street
Houston, Texas 77006
Phone: 713.529.0037

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  1. hi I am Jerry and it is hard for all of us to find someone the gay bars are not a way to go if you contact the lgabt site and attend their get togethers it is much safer go to there meetings and I am sure you would find someone wish you liked older men I would be very interested stay true to yourself and if you are uncomfortable in any situation just leave and go to the next meeting you are wonderful do not fall into a situation where all anyone wants is endless pics of you and please do not associate with anyone that wants nude pics of you it is not a good relationship you want someone who wants you for who you are not to just get your clothes off if they truly like you or love you they will wait for a signal you give to them for sex most importantly establish your bounds from the very first meeting so you are not wasting your time and theirs do not do anything you are not comfortable with do not leave a public place with someone the first time you meet take your time meet several times in public and never be alone with anyone until you are completely comfortable with them give it at a minimum of 90 days before you are alone with them you need at least that long to get to know them and who they are and what they are like [personal info removed by admin] can wish you the best of luck be careful ok