Born to Be Bisexual?

Is it true that everyone is born bisexual and later decide their sexuality?

Dear Max,
I heard that there was once a study on people and sexuality, and that everyone is born bisexual… that, as they grow older, they decide their sexuality. What they want and who they want.

Thing is, this was done a good few years ago, as I know it, and I can’t find any of the research. I really don’t know how to start searching, except that it was in a science magazine.

Have you heard anything about it and, if so, do you have resources that would be advantageous to me?


Dear MayBi,
It is not easy to say how common bisexuality is, since little research has been done on this subject; most studies on sexuality have focused on heterosexuals or homosexuals.

Based on research done by Kinsey in the 1940s and 1950s, as many as 15-25% of women and 33-46% of men may be bisexual, based on their activities or attractions. Bisexuals are in many ways a hidden population. A recent study by Ron Fox of more than 900 bisexual individuals found that 1/3 had previously identified as lesbian or gay.

Here are some links that may help you with your research: