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    Best Bar Conversation Starters Ever

    Never be afraid of aiming for the stars when looking for the perfect guy

    So you see this cute guy at the bar and you think he is WAY out of your league. Well, you should’nt. You don’t know what he is looking for. How do you know that you aren’t the guy in his dreams?

    He may have tried to find a guy just like you for years, and unless you talk to him, you don’t know and will most likely never find out neither. Even if he seems a bit unapproachable and not that interested in talking to you, it may just be his way of playing cool. Duh… You know we all do it.

    The fact is, you really have no idea of who he is. You have no idea of who he is dreaming about, or what he is into, until you have actually dared talking to him.

    So get the conversation going with these five conversation starters:

    1) You

    What subject could you possibly know more about than yourself? It’s nothing wrong with talking about yourself as long as you do it the right way. Tell him one thing about yourself that you think could be interesting to him, and if he doesn’t take the bait, then quickly move on. The easy way out is to talk about your posessions. Nothing wrong with that as long as you are ok with a boyfriend that measures your worth in your posessions.

    2) Location

    Don’t make it as easy as “What is a guy like you doing in a place like this?” It could work, but in most cases it just sounds cheesy. Instead ask him if this is his favorite bar or if he just happens to be there. Of course, this will not work if you both are locals and you have seen him around the bar for ages. Then you have to be a bit more creative. Ask him more specific things about the bar/club. New bartender/renovation/owners/etc.

    3) Friends

    A simple question such as “Are you here with friends or are you just hanging out?” can make wonders. If he is there with friends, he will tell you. And if he is there just by himself he will not feel embarrassed as long as you make it sound casual. For you, it shouldn’t matter either way. After all, you’re into him, not his friends. Or at least I hope you are.

    4) Him

    Well, you are in a bar and he’s the only thing you’re actually caring about for the moment. You want to have sex with him, not his history. Except for the obvious reasons, there are some things that should make you stop and consider for a moment. Never forget that you are meeting him in a bar environment. Have fun with it, but know that the chance of meeting a guy at the bar and making him your boyfriend is almost nothing to null.

    5) The weather

    It’s actually the worst topic ever to talk about when you try to pick up a guy. However, if that’s all you got it’s better than not talking to him at all. So you shouldn’t totally rule it out. It’s better to talk to him about the awful/great weather you have had lately, and then maybe throw in a “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” in the conversation, than not talking to him at all. It’s always a good bet to trust Julie Andrews to get you through a conversation in our community.

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