How to Make Him Fall for You

Make him fall for you

Having trouble hooking up with other guys? These little tweaks will improve your chances of scoring that hot guy and make him fall for you.

If you want to get lucky with the man of your dreams, you have to put a little effort into it. Look your best and drop the most depleted pickup lines. Instead up your game with these simple tactics.

Think about your body language

In addition to obvious factors such as chemistry and common interests, people are attracted to confidence. Confidence shines through your body language and how you use your eyes. Your social status and the car you drive is often less important than how extrovert you are and how well you play with others.

A deeper connection

It is obviously important that the chemistry is right, but what does this really mean? When you have good chemistry with someone, it is usually because you recognize something in the other that you see in yourself. Often one finds similarities in upbringing, interests, values and attitudes, and this makes it feel like you have known each other forever. The saying “Birds of a feather flock together” describes well what happens when you’re with someone you have good chemistry with. Usually any conversation will flow effortless and there are none of those awkward silent moments.

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Ask questions

We all like to feel interesting and attractive. Concentrate on getting on the same page with him, ask questions, and find out if you have some common interests or friends. Be direct and dare to use humor. And whatever you do, do not get intimidated by him or make it look like you are desperate. Clinginess is a definitive turn off and will make most guys run for the hills.

Make him fall for you
Caressing is hot, clinging is not

Don’t get overly enthusiastic

Most people find it charming that you are engaged in something but don’t go over the top when you talk about what you are passionate about. Otherwise, your conversation may turn into a monologue. Enthusiasm and positivity are other good qualities most people appreciate. If you are a joker, some funny lines could work well. Humor can open many doors and may just be the right thing to make him fall for you.

Cut out the middleman

If you are a little cautious about making the first contact, you may feel tempted go through a common friend. Be careful with this as it could backfire. The guy may feel pressured to like you and it is much better to show that you dare to introduce yourself directly. It is nothing wrong with doing some cautios research through your friends first, though. Just make sure that you don’t go too far as it may come out as creepy.

Don’t drink too much

Although it can be tempting to find your courage in a bottle, it is rarely a good idea. It’s nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks in a social setting but if you have problems remembering the conversation you had with him the next day, then you definitely drank too much.

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