Gay Cinema’s French Heartthrob Félix Maritaud Stuns in ‘Solo’

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Félix Maritaud, often hailed as the “hero of French queer cinema,” continues to mesmerize audiences with his compelling performances and undeniable charisma. His latest venture, the Québécois drag drama Solo, directed by Sophie Dupuis, has been making waves on the film festival circuit and is now hitting theaters in the U.S., thanks to Music Box Films .

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A Rising Star in Queer Cinema

Maritaud’s journey to stardom is as unique as his performances. An art student on the verge of taking up a gardening job, his life took a dramatic turn when he was discovered at a bar and cast in BPM (Beats Per Minute), Robin Campillo’s award-winning film about ACT UP Paris. This 2017 film, which won the Grand Prix at Cannes and the César Award for Best Film, catapulted Maritaud into the spotlight .

Instagram: @itsfelixmaritaud

Since then, he has become a staple in queer cinema. His role in Sauvage (2018) as a male sex worker battling addiction was both raw and gripping. The same year, he appeared in the neon-lit queer slasher Knife + Heart and the coming-of-age film I Am Jonas. Maritaud’s filmography also includes Lux Æterna, directed by the provocative Gaspar Noé, and the folk horror You Won’t Be Alone by Goran Stolevski .

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A Multifaceted Performer

In Solo, Maritaud plays Olivier, a charismatic and enigmatic drag performer who enters a tumultuous relationship with Simon, a rising star in Montreal’s drag scene played by Théodore Pellerin. The film delves deep into themes of love and toxic relationships, set against the vibrant backdrop of the drag world. Maritaud’s performance is both seductive and unsettling, showcasing his range as an actor .

Instagram: @itsfelixmaritaud

Despite his strong identification with the queer community, Maritaud has expressed a desire not to be pigeonholed into LGBTQ+ roles exclusively. In interviews, he has emphasized his interest in diverse characters and stories, aiming to break free from the confines of typecasting .

A Bright Future Ahead

As Solo makes its theatrical debut, Maritaud’s star continues to rise. His ability to bring depth and authenticity to every role he plays makes him a standout in the world of queer cinema. Whether you’re drawn to his stunning performances or his bold off-screen personality, Félix Maritaud remains a fascinating figure in contemporary film.

Catch his acclaimed works streaming on various platforms, from BPM on Crackle and Tubi to Sauvage on Kanopy, and don’t miss Solo in select theaters now .

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