Pedro Pascal on Friendship with Gay Singer Omar Apollo 

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Pedro Pascal has once again captured our hearts, this time with his endearing bromance with alt-pop sensation Omar Apollo. Recently, Pascal opened up about his friendship with Apollo and a slew of exciting projects in a chat with GQ’s Raymond Ang .

Instagram: @omar.apollo

Pascal, the ever-busy actor known for his roles in The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, is also dabbling in music, sort of. Omar Apollo’s upcoming album, God Said No, includes a track intriguingly titled “Pedro,” sparking rumors and excitement across Gay Twitter/X. Apollo clarified that while the song might not be a love ballad to Pascal, the actor does contribute a spoken word piece to the album’s final track, “Glow,” sharing a poignant story from his life .

Their friendship is a beautiful blend of mutual admiration and cultural connection. Pascal expressed his love for Apollo’s music and the bond they share as bilingual artists navigating their creative journeys. During an interview, Pascal even received a text from Apollo, prompting him to jokingly call his friend a “witch” for his impeccable timing .

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Beyond his musical cameo, Pascal also reminisced about his near-casting in HBO’s Looking, a role he didn’t land but which led him to Narcos, a pivotal moment in his career . He’s now involved in numerous high-profile projects, including Gladiator II, a new Fantastic Four reboot, and a film with director Celine Song .

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Their bromance was spotlighted last October when they were photographed together in New York City, a casual moment that quickly went viral, further fueling the internet’s fascination with this dynamic duo . As Pascal continues to conquer Hollywood, his genuine support for friends like Apollo and his steadfast commitment to his Latino roots and the LGBTQ+ community only make him more beloved. Keep an eye out for God Said No dropping on June 28 to hear Pascal’s heartfelt contribution!

Instagram: @omar.apollo

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