How To Find Gay Love in Smalltown USA

find gay love

If you are serious about wanting to find gay love, you have to go out and let other gay people know that you exist

Dear Max,

I am a gay white male living in a small town in southeastern Kentucky.

I am not a bad looking guy and I seem to have all the right qualities, but I have been looking for a long term relationship for a long time now and can’t even find a date well enough a LTR.

What could I do to make things in my life better?

And what am I to do about my looking for my life partner?

I would love to have someone in my life before I go nuts.

Thanks so much

-Going crazy in KY

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Dear Going crazy in KY,

Even though there are many options to find guys online, the best way to meet someone is still to go out and let people know that you exist.

You need to decide whether you want to stay in a small town where the gay community usually is limited or if you want to move to a bigger city where people are generally more accepting and where there are more gay men to choose from.

If you want to stay where you are, you have to accept that chances are slimmer that you find the man of your dreams but it’s still not impossible to find gay love.

You just have to work a bit harder and be more creative than others would in a bigger city.

Find the gay areas around your town and go to gay bars, restaurants, supermarkets, local gyms or parks.

Go out and meet people – network with other gays in groups or social events and you will see that soon you will meet that special one.

Good luck!

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