How to Find an Honest Gay Man

There is an honest gay man out there somewhere – longing to find someone just like you

Dear Max,

I am a 43 year old man and I’m feeling very lonely. All I want is to find an honest and decent man that I can trust.

Do you think that I’m setting the standard too high?

Should I just settle with what I can get?

I have been screwed by every man I’ve been with and all I have ever asked for in a relationship is honesty and trust.

Why does this not exist in the gay lifestyle?

-Dean, Tampa

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Dear Dean,

If you listen to the news, you will know that women do go through the same thing. So it is not just a gay lifestyle thing, but the way our society is.

There are too many choices and most people do not want to commit to a relationship.

It takes a while to find the right person and you should never give up.

There is something you are doing that is causing you to feel lonely. So find out why you can’t trust men anymore and try to gain the trust back.

Not all men are pigs and you are one of the good men.

You are an honest person and there are many like you out there.

I promise you there is an honest gay man out there somewhere – longing to find someone just like you.

The problem is that many of the good men do stay home alone.

So my advise to you – and all the other good men out there – is to get out of the house and show the world that guys like you do exist.

Good luck!

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  1. I would add, as a much older gay man…

    Don’t sleep with someone just because he’s hot, or your hot to trot, or anything else. A great many men are just after one thing, no matter what they SAY. And if they get it, or they don’t get it, they are gone. So don’t give it to them, and you will find out a great deal about the man you are interested in.

  2. I seem to get burned every time I find Mr. right who turns out to be Mr Wrong I am now 69 and am getting tired of the bull shit that is out there and am thinking seriously of just forgetting that there guys out there to be trusted and honest, and loving with true love in their hearts. there are just many men who play and scam you if they can and it is just a fact of life and women go through it too even the straights go through it why does the human race play and scam each other.

  3. there are lots of guys out there who want to spend their life with an honest man. I’ve found someone here and looking forward to see him soon.


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