‘I Kissed a Boy’ Dan Harry Stars in HIV Trial Film

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Dan Harry, a familiar face from the BBC’s hit gay dating show “I Kissed a Boy,” is making waves beyond reality TV. The charismatic contestant has recently turned his attention to an incredibly important cause, starring in the BBC documentary “HIV, PrEP & Me,” which aired on May 21, 2024. This compelling documentary follows Harry’s journey and the broader mission to end new HIV cases by 2030.

Harry won the groundbreaking U.K. reality series I Kissed A Boy, together with Ollie King and the couple dated for a while after the show ended but then split up.

Harry and King. Instagram / @olliebking

According to Pink News, Dan Harry announced his involvement in an HIV vaccine trial last June via Instagram, sharing his excitement about participating in this pioneering research. The trial involves exposure to a genetically engineered version of the virus, designed to provoke an immune response without causing infection. Over the course of a year, Harry received three doses of the trial vaccine, which have led to the presence of antibodies in his blood—a promising indicator for future vaccine efficacy .

Dan Harry. Instagram / @danharrypr

The documentary showcases Harry’s quest to understand whether a vaccine could be the key to eradicating new HIV cases in the UK. This aligns with the commitment made by former health secretary Matt Hancock to end new HIV transmissions by 2030. The government has reported a significant drop in HIV transmissions in England since 2019, but there’s still a long way to go, particularly in raising awareness and increasing the uptake of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) .

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Throughout the documentary, Harry meets various individuals who share their experiences with HIV and PrEP, highlighting the importance of education and accessibility. One poignant segment features Ellie, a 27-year-old heterosexual woman from Manchester, whose life was dramatically changed by her HIV diagnosis at 21. Her story, among others, underscores the critical need for widespread PrEP education beyond the LGBTQ+ community .

Dan Harry’s involvement in the HIV vaccine trial and his role in the documentary reflect his deep commitment to LGBTQ+ health issues. He attributes his motivation to a sense of gratitude towards the previous generation of LGBTQ+ activists who fought for the rights enjoyed today. By participating in the trial and raising awareness, Harry hopes to honor their legacy and contribute to the ongoing fight against HIV .

Dan Harry. Instagram / @danharrypr

“HIV, PrEP & Me” not only chronicles Harry’s personal experiences but also serves as a call to action for broader community engagement and support for HIV prevention strategies. By leveraging his public platform, Harry is helping to dismantle misconceptions and promote life-saving interventions like PrEP, striving towards a future free from new HIV transmissions.

For those interested in exploring this powerful documentary, “HIV, PrEP & Me” is available on BBC iPlayer .

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