I Think My Teacher Has a Crush on Me

What do you do when one of your teachers have a crush on you?

Dear Max,
My teacher has a crush on me. What do I do? He keeps leaving notes on my tests, he follows me to the bathroom to talk to me. He is always telling me how cute I look.

The problem is that I don’t like him sexually. He is not only 20 years older, he is just not my type. I have told him several times him that I was not interested, but one night we had sex.

So I blew it. Now he wants me more. What do I do?

–21 yo in Ohio

Dear 21 yo in Ohio,
As highly inappropriate as this is by your teacher you don’t just say one thing and do another. You told him you did not like him and then you had sex with the guy. So what is he suppossed to think?

You are giving him the wrong signals. Either you like him or you don’t. Say no and just avoid him. After a while, he will move on. If he keeps on bugging you, or if you think that the fact that you rejected him influences your grades, report him.

Whatever you do… don’t have sex with him again. Big mistake!


  1. yes big mistake now it makes it harder to ignore him ( but please do ] and he will have the wrong impression that you like him defiantly give him a big heave ho and report him if it continues

  2. Take one for the team, tough it out for the term, and get extra credit for an easy A and cut him loose after report cards are out!

  3. He needs to be told the truth. However, he needs to be told all the truth. He needs to be reported for violating the code of ethics . Putting this whole scene on you is wrong – you went to school for an education not to be the object of a teacher’s sexual desires. Do you seriously think you are the only one he has done this to? I do not believe so ! He exploited a position of trust over you and turned you into a fringe benefit. Do the right thing thing and stop another gay professional from using young gay males for their own pleasure. Remember – he is ultimately responsible for this situation . Now, do the right thing!


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