Lance Bass and AJ McLean Rock Pink Locks: Girl Dads Unite!

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In a world that often feels gray, Lance Bass and AJ McLean are painting it pink, one hair strand at a time. The iconic *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys heartthrobs have given us a splash of color and a dose of nostalgia in a delightful Instagram escapade, celebrating their journey as girl dads with vibrant pink tresses.

Lance Bass, the charismatic *NSYNC star, and gay icon, at 44, is not just about those catchy tunes and slick dance moves anymore. He’s ventured into the fabulous realm of pink hair, sharing an endearing lip-sync performance to Muni Long’s “Made For Me” on Instagram. The clip is a delightful concoction of dance, humor, and, most importantly, a showcase of his radiant new look.

Enter AJ McLean, the soulful voice of the Backstreet Boys, who, at 46, matches Bass’s enthusiasm and pink flair. The video captures a heartwarming exchange between the two, with McLean responding to Bass’s lip-sync with a playful “Where have you been?” Their camaraderie culminates in a joyful hug and dance, symbolizing a bond that transcends music genres and generations.

This pink pact isn’t just about a hair color; it’s a statement. “Girl dads 🙌🏼,” Bass captions, embracing the beautiful chaos and joy of parenting. With 2-year-old twins Alexander James and Violet Betty, whom he shares with husband Michael Turchin, Bass is living the family dream. Their journey, from dazzling wedding bells in 2014 to navigating the wonders of parenthood, paints a picture of love, growth, and the vibrant spectrum of the gay experience.

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On the flip side, McLean’s journey intertwines with his role as a father to Lyric, 6, and Elliot, 11, amidst navigating personal challenges and transformations. His pink hair debut earlier this month is more than a style choice; it’s a testament to resilience and evolving identities.

Bass’s recent reflections on fatherhood resonate with the profound shifts and milestones that accompany raising children. “I feel like every day is a different milestone, and it is just incredible,” he shares, highlighting the surreal transition from baby babbles to meaningful conversations. His twins, now in school, are blossoming into “little people,” a journey Bass describes to PEOPLE as the “most rewarding thing ever.”

As Lance Bass and AJ McLean embrace their ‘pink era,’ they remind us of the joyous unpredictability of life and the beauty in embracing change, be it in hair color or life chapters. Their camaraderie and shared experiences as musicians, friends, and fathers add a vibrant hue to the tapestry of the LGBTQ+ community and beyond, celebrating diversity, love, and the enduring power of transformation.

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