Love Your Fat Gay Body and Others Will Love It Too

fat gay

Don’t wait until you are skinnier to try to find someone but focus instead on how to improve on how you feel about yourself

Dear Max,

I’m overweight and I want to lose some pounds. How can I lose weight?

I think guys don’t look at me because of my overweight.

I try everything to loose weight but I just can’t. I don’t know what to do. I want to feel good about my self and be self-confident.

Please give me a good advise for a way for me to lose weight. I will thank you forever.


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You don’t have to be skinny to be hot

Dear Sebastian,

We all know the basics of losing weight: The output has to be greater than the input.

So the question is how to make that happen.

Well, first of all you have to watch what you eat and exercise. Sounds so simple, but it is very hard to do.

Before starting on any exercise program, you may consider seeing your doctor first to find out how healthy you are and how much exercise you can do.

My belief is that exercise and how active you are makes a big difference. It does not directly affect your weight nearly as much as your diet, but it does have a big effect on your wellbeing and health.

However, the most important factor by far when you want to lose weight is to eat less and to eat right.

I have friends that have lost a lot of weight on Weight Watchers and similar programs so you may want to check out what they offer:

The Mayo Clinic Diet

Weight Watchers

And don’t forget that there a lot of guys out there that like heavy guys.

So don’t wait until you are skinnier to try to find someone, or think that they all are going to come to talk to you when you have lost some weight.

It is all about how good you feel inside. If you feel good inside, you will project that on the outside and that will attract people.

Good luck!

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  1. I know that everyone wants to look like an 18 year old surfer, but face it; It’s not going to happen.
    Do the best you can do with the body you were given.
    If you are overweight, just do something about it or be satisfied with your body the way it is.
    I’m in the process of loosing weight right now. I started with a 1200 cal. per day diet.
    The easiest way to do that is to stock up your freezer with the Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice
    or Smart Ones dinners. They range from 200 to 700 calories. I will also have a nice flavored yogurt
    in the morning or as a snack/desert after dinner. If you get real hungry in the evening, you can also have
    an apple, banana or Orange. No soda of any kind. What do you think water is for? Coffee Black only.
    You add all this up and you will be very close to 1200 calories for the day.
    By the way; Chicken Pot Pie has way too many calories and a lot of it is fat.
    PART TWO: Buy a stationary exercise bike or treadmill and put it in your TV room.
    Use it 4 to 5 times a day for 20 min. That’s more than enough.
    Everyone is different, but you should loose 15 to 20 pounds a month.
    I was 5′-6″ (short) and 227 pounds. I looked like a fire plug…lol
    I’m now at 182 and on my way to 160/165.
    Loosing weight is also good for your overall health and is less stress on your hips and knees.
    For me; getting up in the morning and putting on a 50 pound backpack for the rest of the day
    was my life. Who the heck wants to do that?
    What does Nike say? DO IT. Not, just try it. To you a healthier life; Physically and mentally.
    NOW: Go find that good looking boy you want.