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    Nic Robuck Tried To Hide His Gay Marriage

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    Nic Robuck, the dreamy “One Life to Live” alum, has been stirring up some serious buzz lately, and honey, it’s all kinds of fabulous! His journey from the small screen to personal triumphs is nothing short of inspirational.

    After leaving the role of James Ford, Nic took some time off from the limelight, diving into the most adorable role ever – being a dad to his son, Staten. But his heart wasn’t just about daddying; he found love with his swoon-worthy husband, Tyler. Their love story is like a modern-day fairytale, celebrating eight years of marriage and a lifetime of happiness.

    But Nic’s not just a soap star turned family man. He recently made waves with his role in “Hearts Under the Olive Tree,” where he plays Jonathan, a character with a dash of sincerity and a splash of ‘douchey’. It’s a performance that’s got everyone talking and proves that our boy Nic can slay any role he takes on!

    On top of his acting chops, Nic’s personal journey is nothing short of empowering. Coming out in an industry that’s not always rainbow-friendly was a bold move, but Nic did it with grace and courage. His story is a beacon of hope and strength for many in the LGBTQ+ community, showing that being true to yourself is the most fabulous role you can ever play.

    “I took off my wedding ring. I hid it all.” Nic shared with Michael Fairman TV. “When I got One Life to Live it was the first big thing that I had done, and I didn’t want my being gay and married to ruin what might come. I tried to hide it as best I could, and it felt awful. One by one, I tried to let people know, but I was like, ‘Please don’t tell everybody. I don’t want it to be this thing all over that says, ‘Nic Robuck’s gay.’ Some people found out that I didn’t tell, so I knew somebody was saying something. That sucked. Prior to getting the show, I had representation that told me to hide it. That if one of the other reps at the management company found out that I was gay, they would drop me as a client. It was just that culture back then. It was scary. It felt really bad.”

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    And let’s not forget, Nic’s also been showing his versatility with a guest star role on TNT’s “Major Crimes.” From daytime drama to prime-time crime, this man is on a roll, and we are here for it!

    So, here’s to Nic Robuck – a dazzling star, a loving husband and father, and an LGBTQ+ icon. He’s living his best life, and we can’t wait to see what sparkling new roles and adventures are in store for him. Nic, darling, keep shining and spreading that enchanting charm of yours! 🌟🏳️‍

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